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MahjongNew Face of Mahjong  


Mahjong craze has passed long ago, and this game have been peacefully residing in both European and American continents for more than a century now. It it to say during the last 5 years of the Internet era, Mahjong moved to a computer game area and has significantly changed its face.


The original Chinese Mahjong was invented over two thousand years ago. Mahjong is a board game of skill and luck for 2 or 4 players. The point is to find the sets of three identical tiles having 13-16 tiles total.    


But what's happened to computer Mahjong? Once this good-old board game was "ported" to computer, it became similar to matching games.


Yeah, in terms of game mechanics the point in most Mahjong games is to clear the playfield from tiles by clicking two identical tiles. Once this match is created, the tiles will be removed from the playfield.


Absolute MahjongSo, should you like to play a very classical sample of Mahjong, Absolute Mahjong by Absolutist is the right thing to pick. Frankly, it's not that classical, as it offers some extra features like Matchematical and Word Mahjong, as well as an ability to replay the game. Mahjong Gardens, a free online version of the game can be accessed right here and now.


Download Absolute Mahjong



Mahjong Towers EternityAnother classical example of Mahjong is Mahjong Towers Eternity by Big Fish Games Studios. The game offers a variety of game modes, tile types and graphical backgrounds to choose. More than that, while playing Mahjong Towers Eternity, you can chat with other players, come up with your own layouts and share them with other players. 


Download Mahjong now


But here're some examples of Mahjong evolution that 's been going on since Mahjong became a computer game:


Luxor MahjongLuxor Mahjong. This is a Mahjong version by MumboJumbo wrapped in the stunning graphics and video of world-famous Luxor game. Tiles is what this game is special for (let's call it Ancient Egyptian Mahjong). It is to mention the game features a countless number of powerups accompanied by spectacular video effects, most probably inherited from Luxor.

                   Download Luxor Mahjong
Mahjong MatchMahjong Match is a cross between a matching puzzle and mahjong.


The point is to match the tiles moving on the conveyor with the tiles on the playfield. This game has a fancy Mahjong-style graphics and is a cross between Mahjong and Mosaic.


Download Mahjong Match


Mah JominoAnd last, but not least, the most original mix - Mah-Jomino. This game is a blend of Dominoes and Mahjong. Viva Cafe Games, who invented this formula that turned out to be pretty successful with Mahjong fans. But first of all this game grabs you with its engaging story...


William McEndri, a great archeologist, is passionate about proving the existance of Atlantis. But in order to do this, he needs to find numerous artifacts all over the world. His daughter goes on a puzzle quest through dozens level of Mah-Jomino to collect all artifacts and prove her father's theory. So, now let's get inside the game.


Mah-Jomino is special for its tiles: they are two-sided similarly to dominoes. So, you're to click on one side of the tile, choose the identical tile on the playfield, and click on it afterwards to match these tiles. Elegant graphics, engaging plot, and unique gameplay is a secret of Mah-Jomino.


Download Mah-Jomino


Mahjong evolution is still going on, and new unseen games appear as a result of developer experiments. So, if you know of any other original Mahjong game, feel free to drop us a lime or post your comment below. 


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