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What you have never expected to read here


Every time you surf the Internet for entertainment, you either expect to have fun for free, or pay for some quality game that will help you kill your time. But I bet you never expect to have fun and earn money at the same time (unless, of course you're a fan of casino games).


In fact, it is now as possible for non-gamblers. Due to My Big Fish Games - one of the latest and most successful inventions by Big Fish Games, the world's famous casual games developer and publisher, everybody who's in love with simple little games can now earn money just by telling their friends about their favorite titles.


In other words, now you can earn money from what you previously did for free at lunch breaks or while talking on the phone to your friends and relatives.


Sign up for My Big Fish GamesSo, this is how the whole thing works:


1. You need to register with My Big Fish Games (which takes only one minute of your time. Not only it is absolutely free, but every new member will get 2 free games for signing up).


2. You get your own Game Space - a website, or a game listing that you are free to customize, i.e. choose the games that you would like to expose and let your friends know about.


(Want to see the example? See our own Game Space here). It takes 15 minutes to do that.


3. You e-mail your friends and refer them to your Game Space. If someone referred by you, buys any game at Big Fish, you get 25% of the price. Moreover, you will be getting 25% of what your friends spend at Big Fish Games every time - even a year later, ten years later, one thousand years later...


Big Fish Games - New Game Every DayMore than that, if you refer somebody to get registered with My Big Fish Games program, you'll get 25% per cent of their earnings; and if someone of their friends' friends joins the program, you're going to get 25% of your friends' friends' earnings etc.        


How is it possible? - you will probably ask yourself. I am not going deep into detail now (since you can find the technical details on the Help section of the program). I just want to say that every member of My Big Fish Games program gets a unique ID number that is automatically added to all the links of the section and makes the whole thing work.


So, most people play games because they heard the word from their friends. Believe it or not, but based on the referral principle, My Big Fish Games program does work.


Creators of the program are open about it - and you can view the list of the top earners on Your Earnings section. People who joined the program soon after its launch in September 2006 have now earned over $10 000. Frankly speaking, to be able to earn that much, you need to have a professional and website with high traffic. But if you're a casual game fan, there are several things that you can do with your earnings:


1. You can earn spend your earnings on games (there is a magic button in your account that allows for turning your earnings into the full versions of your favorite games).       


2. You can withdraw your money and spend it on whatever you want. Now you can get paid by check or wire transfer.


3. Donate your earnings to charity organizations. 


So, it's up for you to decide. But I believe fifteen minutes of your time are well worth the pleasure and profit you are going to get. And plus, your friends will be thankful for your recommendations.  


If you're a proud owner of Your Game Space, feel free to post your comments below as we would like to hear your opinion on the program.  



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