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Top 5 Games to Play on Weekend...

Last week one of our visitors left the following comment on Agatha Christie:Death on the Nile game:


"I think we should be able to play games like this without downloading. It makes our computers slow. Maybe you should think about that.Read Between The Lines!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Tania


Maybe it's the number of question marks that scared me, but it really brought me to thinking:


Tania is right, games are getting more complicated and equipped with multiple features like 3d animation, huge file size that not every user can afford because of their insufficient computer resources or speed of the Internet connection.


This is why we at GameMile we pledge to give you more information on the free online versions of popular games, that offer you the following advantages:


- they preserve almost the same graphics and feature set of downloadable games;
- they are absolutely free no matter how long you play them;
- they require almost nothing from your computer;


All you need to play them is Internet connection and browser. But if you're reading this, it means you have both. Oops, forgot the last thing: you need to have Flash player installed. The latest version of it can be found here.


So, here are the top 5 games we are happy to present you this week:


Play Bejeweled puzzle game online for freeBejeweled 2  - all-time classic game. Never has a match3 puzzle performed a revolution in the serene world of puzzle games. But in 2001 Bejeweled did. The rules are not worth mentioning:  place three or more diamonds horizontally or vertically by swapping them with your mouse. Play Bejeweled 2 online for free 


Play Shopmania Game Online for freeShopmania - this is a mixture of time-management and mosaic - the point is to fill customer's cart with different goods and serve the required number of customers in a limited time. Play Shopmania game online for free



The Rise of AtlantisThe Rise of Atlantis - The game was developed by Termnial Studio and released a couple of months ago. The point is to uncover the mystery of Atlantis by matching three identical artefacts. Colorful graphics and impressive animation. Play The Rise of Atlantis online for free


Magic MatchMagic Match - this is the first version of Magic Match fairy puzzle series presented by Oberon in 2006. The point is to highlight the rows of the identical objects and collect the required magical staff by performing matches. Play Magic Match online for free



And finally, Paparazzi - a hidden object puzzle by Gogii Games. The point is to take the photos of the hidden objects in celebrity's manor. The game is made with a great deal of humor and feature eye-catching graphics! Play Paparazzi game online for free       


If you have your own online game and would like to share your joy with other readers, please contact us at: support @ gamemile.com and we will spread the word about it.


          Play free online games!

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liz c  2008-02-04 10:32:30
i love to play hidden object when u play on line they are so so small u need a magnifily glass to see them and then u strain your eyes thats not good for anyones eyes so make them bigger so u can see them who can afford glasses these days

gogo  2007-07-28 00:48:19
i want go to play

MAYNANMIHLAR@HOTMAIL.COM  2007-07-30 11:31:40

Shirley  2008-04-22 20:34:59
I have been playing Rise of Atlantis for quite a while and have not made it to the screan saver yet. I love the game but it does get to you!!!!

maddy  2008-03-21 19:40:00

Sara  2007-12-29 16:37:30

Barb  2007-10-03 13:32:50
I too would like to play the games without downloading. Without a credit card, you can't even sign up with pay pal. It's very frustrating.

Bre  2007-11-16 11:25:27
i would like to play games without downloading or having to pay also.b cuz i just get really bored sometimes and they're chargin' you for being bored and wantin' to have a little fun.

Lisa  2008-07-12 18:10:27
why the downloading process never works for me?

maggie  2008-11-17 05:55:39
downloading games is such a hustle i can't afford to go through!!!!

NadineTerry  2012-03-06 12:45:06
I had a dream to make my own company, but I did not have got enough of cash to do that. Thank heaven my fellow suggested to utilize the mortgage loans. Thus I used the credit loan and realized my dream.

MAYNAN  2012-05-27 14:23:04
This is a very good idea for peopel like me to play the games in full without downloading as it makes our computer work so slow and my computor is six years old and I cant aford to buy a new one as i am on a very low pension.

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  2. Lost Grimoires 2: Shard of Mystery
  3. Delicious: Emily's Moms vs Dads
  4. Heroes of Hellas 4: Birth of Legend
  5. Cubis Kingdoms
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