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Bring Back the Happy 80s


Casual games industry has now gone very far from where it used to be 20 years ago. Luckily, it keeps in pace with the fast-growing computer technologies. But now, in the beginning of the 21st century haven't you ever wanted to just stop and bring back the happy and naive 80s when people used to enjoy simple games on a huge arcade machines and the first playstations?


So, today we offer you TOP 5 casual games that will make you feel nostalgic for this magical time...


But here's a trick about the games presented to you below - though they bear the taste of the crazy disco time, they were developed in the 21th century and most of them were released this year.



Download Arcadia Remix1. Arcadia REMIX. This is a terrific game by gameLab. It took the first place in our chart since it makes your childhood dreams come true and offers you to play several arcade machines at the same time.


Classical Sea Battle, Alien Shooter and many more popular games of 80s are packed in one: Arcadia Remix


Download Arcadia Remix for free


Download Platypus for free2. All-time classical Platypus game. In fact it is a modern remake of shooter originally developed in 80s. You're just to pilot your vehicle, shoot out the enemy flying objects avoiding enemy rockets and canons. The game looks cute as it features retro graphics and music, that were refreshed due to the cool modern animation and colorful palette.


Download Platypus for free



Download Bubble Shooter Deluxe3. Bubble Shooter Deluxe 1.6 - this is a bust-a-move game that drove everybody crazy 25 years but in fact it was developed not earlier than 2000. That's when game developers from Absolutist took the concept of bust-a-move game and created an absolutely addictive and simple casual game, that makes thousands of people around the world kill their time with bubble popping. Place three bubbles side-by-side to remove them from the playing field.

Though the latest improved version of the game(Bubble Shooter Premium Edition)is available on the net - we recommend that you download both. Thus, you'll feel how far the industry has gone in the last 3 years.


Download Bubble Shooter Deluxe for free

Download Bubble Shooter Premium Edition for free



Alice Greenfingers4. Alice Greenfingers - though this is the latest work by gameLab, its naive graphics gives the retro look and feel to this game. In terms of gameplay it is very similar to the rest of up-to-date casual simulator games. But its simple graphics, and the nice character will bring you back to 80s. Moreover, its filesize is the way it used to be many years ago: just about 3 M to download:).


Download Alice Greenfingers for free


Download Downbeat for free5. Last, but not least: Downbeat 80s - one more retro-tasting game that was developed by gameLab and released this year. In Downbeat, the point is to join the musical beats of 80s to keep crazy disco dancers happy,and earn yourself some 80s memorabilia like checkered sneakers, rubix cubes and more.


Download Downbeat 80s for free


Happy plunging in nostalgia!


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  2. Lost Grimoires 2: Shard of Mystery
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