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Game Membership: to Buy or Not to Buy?


The best way to make more money is to save them up. And so, casual gamers who are known to be wise family-oriented people with a flair for business know that they can save a lot of money on ...games.


And this is very simple, as most of reputed gaming portals have established offers that allow for purchasing multiple games at huge discounts (so-called clubs, cards, plans, packs etc.) So, we just thought, if our visitors are looking to save up more, why not helping them and making a short list of the most popular membership programs from the most reputed casual game portals.  


                           Game Club by Big Fish Games


Big Fish Games.com is known for publishing New Game Every Day. This website offers a membership that allows for buying the games almost 50% off. Moreover, it enables getting early access to the titles to be published at the portal.


Big Fish Game ClubFor those who joins everything goes as described: "Every four weeks, your credit card is billed automatically [$9.99 or $7.99 or $6.99] for one (1) Game Credit. The amount of credits you receive depends on the package you sign up for".


There are three types of packages - each with its own term of effect. It means that you can buy the game credits that suit you best:


Jumbo Pack - any game comes for $6.99. You can buy minimum 12 games in the future 12 months, but you can increase the number of credits and buy more games as well.


Super Pack - any game costs you as much as $7.99. You can buy minimum 6 games in 6 months.


Casual Pack. Due to this offer, you can get minimum two games half price, i.e. for $9.99.


So, if you have ever purchased more than one game at BigFishGames, it will be a good idea to get yourself one of these three packs. Learn more about Game Club offer from Big Fish Games


Absolutist Fun Club  


Absolutist Fun ClubAnother interesting offer is from Absolutist - a reputed developer and publisher of classical and meditative puzzle and arcade games. By joining Absolutist Fun Club you can get any game developed by Absolutist for as little as $0.99!


Actually, there is three options with Absolutist membership:


By purchasing an Absolutist Fun Club Card for $99 you acquire an ability to get any game developed by Absolutist just for $0.99. It practically means, that you have almost free access to every game developed by Absolutist during a year.


Game Pro Card that costs just $45 offers you to buy any game by Absolutist 45% off during a year.

And, for those who like to save up a little and don't want to spend much on membership programs at the same time, Absolutist GameLite Card will be a perfect fit! It comes just for $5 and allows getting any game 5% off. Any discount is a good discount. Learn more about Absolutist Fun Club


Gamepass from RealArcade 


GamePass from Real ArcadeAnd last, but not least, GamePass by RealArcade. For just $9.99 of monthly fee you can get one free game per month at your choice (almost $20 value). Moreover, you'll be granted 25%-75% discounts while purchasing the games.


RealArcade is one of the world's most popular gaming websites offering new game releases on a weekly basis.


To your attention is a huge choice of games, proved information security and quality support.   Learn more about Gamepass from RealArcade


             Welcome to My Big Fish Games!

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Nikki  2007-06-27 19:04:16
You might want to re-check your information on Gamefish regarding the following: "Super Pack - any game costs you as much as $7.99. You can buy minimum 12 games in 12 months". According to the BigFish Game site this should read a minimum of 6 games in 6 months, not 12.


Ana Sprague  2007-06-27 19:11:37
You have the BigFish SuperPack listed as 12 games in 12 months and it is 6 games in 6 months. Just thought you may want to fix that.
Great article, thank you very much!

Editor  2007-06-29 04:48:54
Thanks for tipping the absent-minded editor! Everything is corrected now.

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