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Crossing the t's and dotting the i's


One more month of 2007 is gone. We're not sure if it was full of warm sunny days in your region, but for casual game community June 2007 will remain the time to remember. This is the period when a new great game was released every third day.


Maybe July will be even hotter, who knows...


So, below is the list of the most memorable titles released in June (in order of release date of each title).Make sure you have not missed anything...


AzadaAzada is the latest work by Big Fish Studio. If you ask me about the genre of this game, I would call it a real puzzle epic that combines hidden object, jigsaw, word and every sort of puzzler ever invented by human brain.


So, this is a pack of various puzzles based on the investigation with the eerie look and feel of a sorcery story kind of Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst.


Download Azada now


Secrets of Great ArtSecrets of the Great Art - okay, let's call things what they are. This is another hidden object puzzle that offers players to hunt for the hidden objects ... on the paintings.


Dekovir Entertainment team that developed the game was the first to take the seek-and-find genre out of the lumbered rooms and placed it on the classic canvases.


Download Secrets of Great Art


Venice DeluxeVenice Deluxe is the latest title developed by Retro64 and published by PopCap Games.This is a real quality arcade game featuring cartoon graphics and a look and feel of Venice. You are to save the sinking buildings of the city by shooting out the items. While Playing Venice Deluxe, you will practice shooting in every possible manner, under different angles, at different distances and speed. This is the first game that blends shooter and arkanoid.


Download Venice Deluxe


Professor Fizzwizzle and the Molten MysteryProfessor Fizzwizzle and the Molten Mystery. Grubby Games presented the third installment of Professor Fizzwizzle game series. This tireless professor is going on another adventure aimed at unveiling the mystery of the Molten Island. As far as the game play is concerned, Professor Fizzwizzle and the Molten Mystery is one of the puzzlers that you can pass by swapping different objects and solving the puzzles.


Download Professor Fizzwizzle and the Molten Mystery


Travelogue 360: RomeTravelogue 360: Rome. Hurrah! It happened! In June Big Fish released the sequel to its hidden object game series that takes us to... Rome - one of the ancient cities of the world.The game suggests a hidden-object trip to the capital of Italy and will make a player hunt for the hidden objects in the famous highlights of the city as well as in its most mysterious corners...


This time the game offers you more than collecting memorabilia the way it was in Travelogue 360:Paris. In the latest version you are to investigate the mysterious disappearance of a family.


Download Travelogue 360: Rome



ChocolatierChocolatier - huh, finally, a single strategy game in the pile of hidden-object puzzlers that were popular in June. Chocolatier developed by Big Splash Games and published by Playfirst is one of the most "casual" out of all strategy games ever released.


Similarly to other tycoon games, the point is to start your business from scratch and raise it to the top. But your business is... chocolate manufacturing.


This game features mouthwatering graphics as well as mouthwatering gameplay that combines strategy, adventure, and arcade elements.


Download Chocolatier


G. H.O.S.T Hunters: Th Haunting of Majesty ManorG.H.O.S.T Hunters: The Haunting of the Majesty Manor by Aisle 5 Games. Another puzzle game with a sinister story and hidden object game-play was released into the market in the middle of June. In this game you are to scrutinize multiple locations of Viola Majesty's manor in order to reveal the mystery of eerie sounds haunting its matron at night. This game offers quality sounds and graphics, yet in terms of game play this game seemed to be another Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst clone.


Download G.H.O.S.T Hunters: The Haunting of the Majesty Manor


The Magician's HandbookThe Magician's Handbook: The Cursed Valley is hidden object game developed by BC soft that goes in line with the eerie seek-and-find hits sort of MCF: Ravenhearst and certainly, the previous title. But as far as game plot is concerned, The Magician Handbook resembles Abra Academy or Magic Academy as it is all about magic.


You are to cast away the curse laid upon a valley. For that sake you need to find magical stuff cluttered in several locations like cemetery, magician's lab etc. A great pro of this game are its hand-painted backgrounds.


Download The Magician's Handbook: The Cursed Valley


Alice GreenfingersAlice Greenfingers - this is an arcade game developed by Arcade Lab. A colorful and nice time-management game with the retro-style graphics.


The point is to help young and energetic Alice run the garden and make it a really thriving business.


Download Alice Greenfingers



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