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Some Great Releases of The Week


Another week has passed and we've got some great releases left. So let's look at what we were lucky to have this week. Here are these really great games:


the 80s game with martha quinnThe 80s Game With Martha Quinn - a great trivia game from Funkitron. The game is held by Martha Quinn, famous VJ of the 80s, and she's got over 3000 questions about movies, music, sports, and TV. 



Neptunia is a new puzzle game from Intenium. The game is a great gateaway to the underwater world in these hot summer days. Bonuses, unique objects, and attractive graphics will make you love it.


breaking news

In Breaking News from Mystery Studio you are to own a TV station. your task is to supply the audience with the news while it's still fresh.



battleship fleet commandBattleship Fleet Command is a high-quality remake of one of the most beloved board games. In this digital version of the game you will find much more things to enjoy. 


venice mystery

Venice Mystery is a mahjong puzzle hit. You are to travel through one of the most wonderful cities of the world - Venice. 13 forgotten paintings will guide you to a machine that will save the city from sinking.


There is one more hit we shall not forget about - Mysteryville 2 in which you are to help Laura find her mysteriously lost friend.


These are the games of this week. Let's enjoy them and see what is awaiting for us next week. 

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Miyoon  2012-10-21 01:10:55
Sabrina1. In my opinion ppeole are not altruistic but rather when they commit good deeds they are responding to moral and social incentives. When it seems like someone is being selfless by preforming a good act or charity that person is actually responding to an incentive for a egotistical reason, which is the exact opposite of altruistic. The moral incentive is used through the person feeling guilt if they don’t help, knowing that helping is the right thing to do. So the reward being that they would have self pride by helping others. A social incentive would be that society praises those who help others, meaning that the individual would want the reward of fitting in with society. So they would act altruistic to be acknowledged as part of the group (society). They conform to societal pressures to be accepted by others. 2. It should not matter why ppeole do positives things for others. At the end of the day the person that has been helped will not care why they were helped but that they were helped at all. For example if someone gives money to a charity that assists in cancer research it does not matter if the only reason they donated money was that they were responding to a moral incentive but that the charity now has more funding. Both parties involved got what they wanted, so it is a win-win situation.

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