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Big Fish Games Why are time-management and simulation games that popular among casual games audience? Have you ever thought what makes you play one fast-paced clicker after another? Why do you enjoy all these Manias and Dashes? I personally also enjoy them really much, and I decided to contemplate over the reasons of this phenomena. So, why do we play time-managements?

I guess one of the main reasons is that when you concentrate on clicking fast, you can distract from all the other thoughts and relax. But that would be too simple. And there are other arcade games that help you achieve this goal even better, but are not that popular at all. So there should be something else behind the extreme popularity of time-management titles, do you agree?

And upon further speculation I have come to a conclusion that it's not only the possibility to concentrate, but mostly the chance to have and run our own business, even virtually, that makes us so addicted to Ice Cream Mania , Alice Greenfingers or Burger Shop. In real life starting your own business is connected with serious risks and challenges, and you never know whether it'll be successful. Moreover, if you fail, you lose real money and may never collect enough to start again. In a game it's all much easier. You earn enough for your own hotel in 15 minutes in Jane's Hotel: Family Hero , run a chain of diners in Diner Dash: Hometown Hero , build a real estate empire in Build-a-lot 2: Town of the Year , and control the whole farm in Dairy Dash . You master a new profession in each of such games, and if you lose a level, you can always replay it - cool, isn't it?

But this can not replace real life and real success. So play games, have fun (for we have already decided it's all about fun, haven't we?), but don't indulge into virtual life too much.

Oh, I got an idea! Why don't you learn how to plan and run your own business playing games and then build a real one on this basis? I might do this in future, I guess. Else why spend so much time on time-management?

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