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People have been playing games for thousands years. Chess and checkers can boast a history not much shorter than the history of mankind itself. Even a hundred years ago people had no choice - they could play board games only on their tables. Nowadays you have such a choice - many of your favorite board games have been recently released in PC versions. So, which do you prefer - real people or computer competitors?

Really, now you have a great chance to play your favorite board games on your PC and with virtual rivals. It's absolutely OK for such games as Fairway Solitaire or Slingo Quest Hawaii , which are anyway designed for one player. And Blokus World Tour also gives you a possibility to play some puzzles with yourself. But what about the traditional fun of playing with real, alive friends? They may be not so skilled as virtual ones, but still they are real. Real bone dominoes or Buku Dominoes ? Paper Candy Land or Candy Land - Dora the Explorer Edition ? Sea battle with two sheets of paper, two pencils and multiple smart comments or The Great Sea Battle: The Game of Battleship ?

Everyone chooses for himself, but let's not forget that while up-to-date computers give us endless opportunities of having fun, they are hardly capable of replacing the warmth of live human communication. What about playing a game of Risk on your PC with a human partner?

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Sonefend  2012-08-17 09:12:32
The BOE, and the town for that matter, are clntrooled , not governed but clntrooled , by the Democrats. There is a big difference. The BOE is supposed to be non-partisan , not under the control of any party. You can go to most BOE meetings and not hear children or eduction mentioned once because of blatant party politics .BOE members are Danny O'Brien is the Pennsauken Twp Tax Collector and Assessor and also a Camden Co Democratic Committee person from District 8. Dr Allyson Meloni is the daughter of former Democrat Municipal Chair Honorable Louis Meloni. She has a sister employed high in the Twp government and her brother is in charge of Food Services for the BOE. Matt McDevitt and Dung Nguyen are Camden County Democrat Committee people from Districts 13 and 1. And last, but not least, Bernie Kofoet Pennsauken Twp Supervisor for the Dept of Public Works and President of the M-P Water Commission. Non-partisan ? Independent ?Jack Killion, Mayor, proudly point out that they (the Democrats) can do anything they want. He is right. They are, and have been in charge at the BOE. Their fingerprints are all over the failing school system. So do we reward failure by re-electing the same team ? Not where I come from.A strong Superintendent is needed. That is not likely to happen because the party first members of the BOE want someone who will do what they want. The mention of a forensic audit, due to the departure of the Superintendent and Business Administrator, threw the Democrats at the BOE, and the Township, into shock. We can't have that was overheard.All of that can change this Wednesday April 27th. A change is needed at the BOE. That is not the smell of dead fish coming from the BOE.

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