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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


XmasWhat kind of associations does the word Christmas call up to you? Is there anything special you do on the holiday eve?

When the X-mas tree is finally decorated, mashed potatoes and turkey have been eaten, and the socks for Santa Claus were put on the fire-place everyone in my family has some spare time to be spent as they wish. My Dad prefers reading, my Grandma – knitting, my Mom is busy cleaning the mess after dinner (hardly that is the thing she really prefers to anything else, but otherwise nobody else could do the things they want) and my little brother starts waiting for Santa to come (though we know for sure, he won’t see him as my Dad is not in mood for the travesty show). After several attempt to help my Mom I finally get her permission to leave the kitchen as it looks like I’m creating even more mess trying to fight it. I’m too old to wait for Santa and I never liked singing carols, but I have my own way to feel the spirit of the holy evening.

On the 25th of December I play my favorite games that perfectly suit the time and event. Though there are lots of time management games where all the actions take place in the corresponding interior, decorated with the holly and other symbols of the event. I still prefer hidden object games. If the game assumes Santa and some snow it can absolutely absorb me. So that even if a real Santa came I’d hardly notice his magical appearance. This year I’ve already tried Amelie's Cafe: Holiday Spirit, Great Adventures: Xmas Edition and Christmas Wonderland, but I still believe that the greatest releases will appear on the great day. It will be a kind of gift presented by Santa BigFish ;)

All year long I’ve behaved pretty well. I didn’t miss any game release and tried my best to write worthy reviews. I think I deserve for some kind of encouragement. And you know what? I’d like to ask for new games and more time that I could spend on them and… maybe something special, but nothing extraordinary at the same time. It doesn’t really matter what exactly, but something that might provoke me telling “wow, Lexus!”


Happy New Year and Merry Christmas to you! May all your wishes come true!


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