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The current year has proved productive for Absolutist mobile games portfolio. Having launched about 50 Android titles and over 100 games for iOS, the company now extends the brand recognition to BlackBerry.

''Most of developers are now focused on creating games only for iPhone /iPad and Android devices, but we want to be successful on all platforms. We believe that BlackBerry is a right way to go'', Tatyana Garat, the Direcor of Business Development claims.  Backing her words, 12 applications went live within a fortnight on the BlackBerry App World, and it's only the beginning.

All the presented PlayBook applications were developed using App Salute Creator, a powerful customizable framework designed by Absolutist. This easy-to-use game creator enables quick cross-platform games development with minimum coding and time efforts. However the framework offers a range of opportunities which are not limited to game creation. Particularly, among the released titles users may find interactive books and educational applications, which have become one of the company trends lately.

Taking into consideration the fact that the Apple App Store hits nearly 1 000 000 apps while BlackBerry reaches only 70 000, many analysts forecast a rapid growth to those numbers. Moreover, BlackBerry is heading to launch its new operating system BB10 later this year. Regarding the planned event, Absolutist will bring a variety of its titles to the updated operating system to keep the quality content available for PlayBook users.

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Lynell  2012-10-11 01:09:42
I don't even know what to say, this made tinhgs so much easier!

Sabir  2012-10-21 14:45:32
Having used SplashWallet on a Palm and also Windows Mobile, I can tell you that it works well on the BlackBerry as well just as you would expect from a SplashData pudcrot. Having both a Windows Mobile device and a BlackBerry, I was hoping that I could sync both with the same desktop program. As of the last time I tried this (sometime this past spring), there were some minor differences, so I actually had to use the desktop version for each platform separately. I hope that they fix this eventually. However, it's not that difficult to export indivdual items and import them into the other program. Or, I can wipe out all of the data on one device and desktop app and import them all from the other one. Again, not ideal, but not too bad.Also, SplashData has SplashShopper and SplashPhoto out for the BlackBerry as well. Haven't used SplashPhoto on it, but SplashShopper works well on the BlackBerry as well. Good to see more great Palm apps being ported over to this excellent platform. Thanks for mentioning them, Bruce! I'm sure that a lot of people were unaware of SplashData and have been only looking at the BlackBerry-only apps that have been around for a while.There is also a Password Safe program that comes on the BlackBerry. If you sync with a BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES), it backs up this data automatically as well, all encrypted. That's always an option, though it's not as flexible.

sundogimagesfess  2014-04-28 03:19:22
name Pierre Correvon

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