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Linkz is an extremely addicting puzzle game for Linux, Windows, Android and also iOS. The objective of Linkz is easy: connect all completions of the pipelines to every various other to wind up with totally closed numbers.

Linkz free online

You can pick from various collections of tile graphics or add your very own, and also the size of the playing field can additionally be customized. An ordinary 10x10 map takes about 1-3 mins to solve, making the game perfect for coffee breaks.

Linkz game

It does not matter how the pipelines are linked, just as long as no items are left "open." You can just turn the pipes without relocating them, and several options are feasible - specifically on larger maps.

Linkz online

Linkz is easy to learn however hard to master. One technique I discover useful is to do the ceramic tiles on the edges of the map first since you recognize that those ends can not lead outside the map. No two maps coincide, due to the fact that the game randomizes every new map - however, all are completely solvable.

Linkz free download

You will for that reason play it again and again, simply to see if you can resolve the new map and also defeat your high ratings. With its elegant idea and also perfect execution, this little mind teaser will certainly maintain problem followers hooked for more minutes than they will care to admit. It definitely now has an irreversible put on my hard disk.