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Mahjong Duels Game: Winning Strategies

For those diving into Mahjong Duels, we've compiled some key strategies to help you emerge victorious in your matches. In the lower right corner, take note of the two spaces reserved for tiles. This grants you the flexibility to select any Mahjong tile initially and then seek out its pair later in the game. This feature becomes invaluable when identical tiles overlap or when an odd tile complicates your pairing strategy. If both spaces are occupied by odd tiles, consider undoing your last move or spending a jewel to unlock an additional space.

In competitive multiplayer settings, speed reigns supreme. Embrace the use of hints to expedite puzzle-solving. In cases where the Mahjong Solitaire layout is complex, use the Eye icon to highlight open tiles. When at a loss, the Lightbulb tool comes in handy for locating pairs. Additionally, take advantage of the opportunity to swap two tiles on the board strategically; a well-thought swap can significantly impact your tile-matching progress. Boosters come at a cost of jewels but provide a strategic edge over your opponent. For those engaged in free online 2-player games, the investment proves worthwhile.

We trust that these tips and tricks will elevate your game, leading to triumph in this enthralling online pair-matching challenge. While consistent victories might be challenging, securing a winning streak of 5 Mahjong Duels unlocks new locations and collectible cards. If not successful, don't hesitate to propose a rematch or extend the same courtesy to your opponent in the multiplayer Mahjong Solitaire game.