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WindowsPC Game

Bubble Bonanza   2012-03-04

Bubble Bonanza

Bubble Bonanza is a newly relesed match-three bubble burdting arcade game. The story is happenning on a global scale, so don't think that there isn't any as it is typical for the games of this genre. The game is also challenging enough to keep you trying to burst all of the bubbles. The story is very simple. One evil bubles is planning to conquer the world. He uses its armies of so-called trouble bubbles. The idea is kind of cute and funny and also serves as a great background for the gameplay. The theme of bubbles infiltrates the whole game, like every scene, buttons on the main menu. And that is a nice move of the part of the developers, because who doesn't like bubbles?

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WindowsPC Game

Casino Chaos   2011-08-09

Casino Chaos

Casual games usually send you with a mission of any kind to a place of any kind. This time you are to help several casinos in Los Vegas to become successful again. Casino Chaos is a time-management game where you control everything that is going on in every casino. The game honestly doesn't have too much to order especially for the time-management genre fans. The game starts off with no special story. You are just the manager they have been waiting for to help the casinos get back to their former prosperity. So your job here is to drag every comming customer to the type of game that they want, which is seen in the thought bubble near their heads.

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WindowsPC Game

Virtual Farm 2   2011-07-31

Virtual Farm 2

If you ever played any of the farm-themed games, Virtual farm 2 won't surprise you with anything. But that doesn't mean you are going to be disapponted with it. Lots of farming, selling and upgrading is waiting for you in this one. There isn't too much of a story behind this game really. You meet this mister full of plans on how to use this farm better. And you are the one who is going to do all the work. You really are not afraid of humble beginnings, cause you start with just some hey. You are to take care of the whole growing process. You water, you reap, you sow. Then you are able to plant other vegitables. And soon you are going to have a really nice garden. But you do not stop on that. Soon you develop the business by getting cattle and producing other products, like diary, for example.

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WindowsPC Game

Hotel Mogul: Las Vegas   2011-05-30

Hotel Mogul: Las Vegas

The title of this game, Hotel Mogul: Las Vegas, gives it all away. I mean what else can you add to it? You are going to be involved into building hotels in Las Vegas. Even though, there isn't too much to add to the story, I would still like to tell you about it in more detail. In this game are are given a choice as to what you want to look like. Once you have chosen your avatar, you get to business. You are going to be busy with developing Las Vegas branch. That means a lot of hotels and other buildings to be built. You get tasks for every level, all which are shown on a map. The tasks may include reaching a certain number of stars or a certain amount of income  or building a certain number of hotels. You success with all of that is then followed on the game's screen. So you won't forget what to do.

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WindowsPC Game

Hobby Farm versus My Farm Life   2011-05-19

Hobby Farm versus My Farm Life

We have two cute stories. The one is Hobby Farm, where there is a happy couple - Jill and John. They are on vacation and while touring some tropical islands, they notice that one of these beautiful pieces of paradise is for sale at a very very low price. So they decide to buy it and restore the abandoned farm on it because it is Jill's lifelong dream to have a farm at such an exotic place. And another story- My Farm Life is about a glamorous young girl who has no idea about farming life but once having signed a contract about participating in the new show without even reading it she is basically suckered into movie role playing a farmer. But no matter the differences in these heroes' mind and  plans for the future, their life since then will be very similar in many ways.

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WindowsPC Game

Youda Survivor 2 versus Virtual Villagers 5: New Believers   2011-05-05

Youda Survivor 2 versus Virtual Villagers 5: New Believers

Imagine that you are on a desert island. What to do first? Exactly! Find something to eat, any place to live and be ready to protect yourself from pirates. Your aim is to survive here without reference to  what  may happen to you  and  no matter whether you are alone on this island like it is  in Yoda Survivor 2  or  you are with your new tribe on the mysterious island called Isola like in Virtual Villagers . This popular story with New Believers starts when a child  discovers a lost mask on a forbidden path at the edge of the village. The elders gather to examine never seen mask and appoint a small group of villagers to search that path, which take them into the darkest part of the jungle. But as Youda Survivor 2 begins, the island chief calls you back, and it looks like some serious trouble is brewing this time around.

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