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Game Review   2007-09-13


Aqua PearlsAqua Pearls - Match-and-Pop Arcade


For centuries a magic pearl necklace had been protecting four oceans from evil forces. But not so long ago it was stolen and disassembled into multicolored pearls that are now scattered all over different places.


Funny bubble Aquatic invites you to explore multiple destinations and find all the pearls. To do it, you have to shoot a string of pearls trying to keep pace with it.


So, as in all match-and-pop games, you are to make a line of at least 3 pearls of the same color by quickly shooting a pearl into the moving string.


Aqua PearlTo combine 3 pearls of the same color, you have to shoot your pearl into a string of jewels.


The pearl strings are moving along a winding tunnel towards the seashell.


Once they reach the seashell, the game is over and you have to start again.


So one has to take pains to keep up with fast rolling string. Matched jewels explode and the moving line gets shorter.


It's possible to stop the string for a few seconds, make it move backwards or better aim a sighting pearl - multiple bonuses and power-ups afford ground for a perfect game.


AquaticA handful of bonuses make the quest a real pleasure: apart from the possibility to double or triple your scores, you can profit from Guide bonus that will help you to aim your pearl or Reverse Bonus which will make string move backwards.


To upgrade bonus opportunities, try to shoot pearls that have a star inside - bursting a combination of pearls with a star, you'll get additional shots.


Other tips and tricks: Color bonus gives you 3 pearls that can be used as a pearl of any color while bomb and rocket blow up pearls of any color.


Earth shake power-up will shake the whole screen, and the Rocket can pop up a pearl on its way.



Four challenging modes - Adventure, Puzzle, Strategy and Endless mode - add challenge to underwater pearl-shooting.


Aqua PearlsFour modes are available in the game: In Adventure mode you shoot pearls into a string of jewels. If a pearl you matched contains a star, you upgrade your bonus opportunities. The game is over when the pearl line reaches the shell.


In Puzzle mode stars mean the number of shots you have. By popping up pearls with stars inside you increase your shooting opportunities: a star in the matched pearl combination scores you additional shots. When you have no shots left, or when the string gets to the shell, the game is over. In Strategy mode your task is to match 3 pearls under a fish in a bubble to set the fish free. Choose a level and enjoy jewel-shooting with Endless mode.


The graphics is fantastic: aquatic flora and fauna strikes you as you proceed through the quest. The gameplay is smooth and tense at the same time; four different modes relieve the monotony of classical shoot-&-pop games.


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Game Review   2007-09-13


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This is Aqua Pearls for PocketPC review. Download this game here.