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Game Review   2015-07-13


Dr. Panda in SpaceDr. Panda in Space


Dr. Panda in Space is a fun game for parents and their kids. It is fun for both because kids can play the actual game while parents can go and do whatever they need to without any distractions (tell me that's not fun for parents).



This entertaining game for kids comes in ceveral langauges so it can be used even as a second language tool.


Dr. Panda in Space

Dr. Panda in Space challenges you to build your own rocket ship and go to space for adventure. First you need to customize your ship using different kinds of patterns. 


Once this part is done you set off to explore the universe. There, you will meet aliens and have a chance to play with them. Feed them their favorite plants and see what happens. The plants that they like cause different kinds of reactions. You will need to collect the plants to see all the possibilities.


Dr. Panda in Space

You are going to see some of your friends who need your help. You can also play with the zero gravity factor. In other words there is a lot to do in space to keep you busy. Kids are going to learn a bit about asteroids, meteors, planets and even black holes in space! 


One of the best things about this game is that there is no in-app purchases or adds. So your kid can dig into it with no interruptions.


This is a great purchase for parents who care about safe content games too!





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Game Review   2015-07-13


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This is Dr. Panda in Space review. Download this game here.