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Game Review   2013-06-26



Jewel Mysteries HD: The Lost Treasures

If you have ever dreamed of crossing the ocean on a pirate ship, rambling the jungles on a remote tropical island and finding countless riches, then don’t miss your lucky chance! You get hold of an ancient treasure map and a boat with all sails set. What dangers threaten at the place marked with a red cross? Who knows. And who cares! Slack your thirst for adventure in an exciting Match3 puzzle and be the first to discover incredible mysteries!





Start with the Story mode to put your matching skills to test and unlock all powerups.




Jewel Mysteries HD: The Lost Treasures invites you for an unforgettable sea cruise. Dive deep to explore coral-covered ships in the search of invaluable artifacts and exotic treasures in a free multiplayer matching  game. Start with the Story mode to put your matching skills to test and unlock all powerups. Each pack offers 25 challenging levels and 5 broken artifacts to find. Make chains of three or more similar tiles and flip them all to white. The longer chain you make, the more points you score and the more awesome bonuses appear on the field. Wildcards, coins and bombs will help you outstrip your rival in multiplayer mode and gain additional scores. Or did you think you could be one in this risky treasure hunt?

Fine gold is obviously the most desirable finding for a relic hunter.


So, collect gold coins to buy more oxygen cylinders and boost your power-ups. They can blast colored tiles, remove all figures of a kind or even sort them out for a magic match! Still doesn’t sound impressive? Then go for an extreme challenge in the insane Blitz survival. Please, mind that whenever you play Blitz or lose a level, you spend oxygen. An oxygen cylinder takes half an hour to recharge, but you can buy more in the store any time. Just as well as additional level time, coins and power-ups.



 Game Center integration encourages the rush for trophies and achievements while sharing options let you boast of the results to your friends. The treasure chests are waiting for you, so what are you waiting for? It’s now or never!

- Blitz and Story game modes
- 25 free levels and additional level packs
- Various shapes of grid
- Exciting multiplayer competitions
- Numerous boosts and amazing power-ups
- Adventurous Match 3 gameplay
- Lots of trophies and achievements




Believe me or not, this incredible multiplayer adventure offers too much to describe it in a short review..










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Game Review   2013-06-26


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This is Jewel Mysteries: The Lost Treasures review. Download this game here.