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Game Review   2015-05-24


Monument ValleyMonument Valley


If you're into trippy, weird, and wacky, then Monument Valley just might be the game for you! Up is down and contywhompus is counterclockwise in this puzzling adventure that will keep your gears grinding in all directions for hours.



On the one hand, there's a huge engineering and physics aspect as you try to figure out which way is up.


Monument Valley

M.C. Escher ain't got nothing on the art in this game. Monument Valley takes place in some kind of wonder world where you control this borderline-creepy looking dunce cap man named Ida onto a platform at the end of each stage.


You have to manipulate your environment in each puzzle to allow your Ida to get through the obstacles... but things aren't always what they seem! The way this game manipulates reality will work out every single nook and cranny of your brain.


Monument Valley

On the one hand, there's a huge engineering and physics aspect as you try to figure out which way is up. On the other, it's all so doggone artistic!


But, watch out for the scary black death creatures! This game has a quirky creepiness to it. Not the kind of frightening that will result in insomnia and expensive theorpy for years to come, but the kind of, "Wow. There are people that came up with this?" kind of creepy. Cute at the same time.


If you want to work your brain muscles, then this is the way to do it. Check it out today!





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Game Review   2015-05-24


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This is Monument Valley review. Download this game here.