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Game Review   2015-11-24


Mysteries_of_NevervilleMysteries of Neverville: Hidden Object Game


Necromancy in general does not represent anything good or even attractive. But it gets even worse when an evil necromancer is up against your hometown. Mysteries Neverville: A Hidden Object Journey of is a fun (well, necromancy kind of fun) hidden object puzzle adventure game. Oh, did I mention that it is also free?




The graphics of this game are beautiful. The main character, Valerie looks awesome.



This adventure game from Absolutist Games challenges you to rescue your own town from an evil that came upon it. The town has been protected by some ancient runes for thousands of year. But they have gone missing now, and a mysterious fog covered all the area and the residents trapping all of them inside.


As the daughter of the greatest guardian of Neverville you return to the city to figure out who is behind the fog and what needs to be done to rescue the city. The rumor has it that an evil necromancer came back from the dead. But you will have to step into the fog to see the truth clearly.



The graphics of this game are beautiful. The main character, Valerie looks awesome. The evilish looking gentleman on the left looks a bit funny with the tip of his nose sticking out from the hood. But all of the characters look amazing.


The scenes are dramatic enough for the genre and the story. The animated part and the fog make the game look great. It doesn't only look good, it also offers a great amount of puzzles and searches of different kinds.



The game comes with 8 different modes. So everyone should be able to adjust the gameplay to their skills. 


You are going to be searching for the missing runes to restore them as well as the order in the town. There is a huge number of items to find either for your collections or in the hidden object scenes. All that offers literally hundreds of hours of free gameplay. The regular updates will add more of the guests even!


Mysteries Neverville: A Hidden Object Journey is a great free product that you can download and carry with you for whenever you have some time to kill.


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Game Review   2015-11-24


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This is Mysteries Neverville: Hidden Object Game review. Download this game here.