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Game Review   2007-06-14


Pocket Breakout 2Pocket Breakout 2 - caution: highly addictive arcade game.


Pocket Breakout 2, published by 4pockets, is a classic arcade game for your Pocket PC with some neat twists that make the game only better.


Hit the bricks, pick the power-ups ad get to the next level.


Use your bat to deflect the ball and destroy the bricks to get to the next level.

 Pocket Breakout 2

You are to deflect the ball using your bat.


The  goal for you is to destroy the bricks that each level contains.


In order to get to the next level you are to destroy all the bricks.


But it takes some time and efforts to destroy the bricks.


You get them weaker as you hit them cycling through various colours.


After a while the balls eventually explode.


Some of the bricks contain power-ups, but there's a trick.


Pocket Breakout 2Some of the balls release some hidden power-ups after the explosion.


It's good for you to collect the power-ups to achieve your goal.


But the trick is that some of the power-ups are not as beneficial as the other.


So this means that you are to be careful picking up the power-ups in the chaos of explosions .


It will take you to be fast enough and to learn to distinguish the power-ups.  



Higher levels have got a few challenges for you.


Pocket Breakout 2You get more troubles as you advance to the higher levels.


The developers have prepared some unique features to make the game more challenging.


Amongst those are  rotating rebounders, ball repellers and warp holes.


Things get quite unpredictable thanks to them.


The game is going to get all of you till you advance through all the levels.


Pocket Breakout 2 is a superb way to get out of the reality and have some fun.

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Game Review   2007-06-14


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This is Pocket Breakout 2 review. Download this game here.