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Game Review   2013-02-22


 Puss in Boots: Interactive Touch BookPuss in Boots: Interactive Touch Book

The sweetest memories of the childhood is my Mom sitting next to my bed with a book of fairy-tales to put me asleep. Times are changing, and now that I have my own child she prefers to take my tablet and enjoy interactive books on her own. However, the heroes remain the same and the cunning cat from Puss in Boots: Interactive Touch Book appeals to my daughter as much as to me in her age.


Puss in Boots

This edutainment app is meant for children over 5 and combines a picture book and various puzzles and mini-games to improve the process of remembering and dexterity. Each of 20 pages is accompanied by text and feature various interactive elements which can either just start to move or presume some task to complete. For example, a child will have to dress Marquis of Carabas or catch a mouse to defeat the evil Ogre. While it is not compulsory in order to move on, but it definitely gives your kids the the feeling of participation in the story and the characters’ fate.


Puss in BootsWhat I liked most about this particular interactive book, is the dubbing. While you are free to read the tale on you own, you may also switch on the Voice option in the main menu. Professional narration provides an opportunity for kids to enjoy the book even without their parents’ presence. The story field is movable, thus, kids may either follow the read text or hide it and play with various elements on the interactive scene.


Apart of the story book, Puss in Boots also includes three types of mini-games accessible from the main menu as well as any interactive page, so that kids could switch to another activity at any moment.


Puss in Boots

In Memory Match children are to flip the tiles and find similar images, in Maze game they will have to drag various objects through the maze avoiding traps, and in Stickers they are to complete a picture with the missing characters and objects. All mini-games have multiple levels that get more and more challenging that’s why children won’t get bored..


With professional voice over, a variety of activities and appealing hand-drawn characters, Puss in Boots: Interactive Touch Book is a good finding for moms. The interface is thought-out which makes it easy for a child to choose the reading mode, scroll the pages and play additional puzzles. So, if you have an iOS or Android operative device, don't miss this enertaining app for kids.

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Game Review   2013-02-22


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Rebwa  2013-03-21 17:33:46
i've been away. home sick for several days (and i never read peter's blog while at home, i've got bteetr things to do there i only read it at work), then extremely busy catching up, etc. so i just spent a good chunk of my workday morning catching up on about 2 weeks' worth of postings. to be honest, i didn't miss a heck of alot it made me reluctantly and somewhat sadly realize that maybe, just maybe, this blog is just simply something bteetr to do instead of my actual work. though i must make an exception for the satan's groin thing that alone was worth poring through all those old posts. but do not fret, peter i will still faithfully tune in (when i'm at work anyway).

Agnieszka  2013-05-12 23:57:26
I may not be brave enough to throw out all my pants but I am delteiinfy going to buy more dresses! You're totally going to buy tons of pretty dresses from Anthro, lucky girl!

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