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Game Review   2013-07-09


Royal Express: Hidden Object Adventure

With the development of technology various types of popular culture get closely interwoven. Very often popular TV shows and classic fiction continue their life as PC or mobile games. While Royal Express is not an example, it reminds me of classic detective stories about Hercule Poirot and such. As a keen police officer you have to investigate a case that threatens huge political scandal. Two European royal houses announced their intent to become related. Princess Sophia arrived to her fiancé’s country with her suite to take part in a magnificent engagement ceremony.


Everyone has a motive. Unravel the mystery of a diamond ring.


But on her way home the diamond ring presented by Prince Daniel suddenly disappeared. Was it stolen and by whom? Why didn’t Sophia wear it, but kept in the box? Who is interested in breaking the engagement? You’d better find the answers to these questions quickly because the scandal may put much more than the royal marriage to risk.

You start from inspecting the scene of crime - the compartment of Princess Sophia and her companion Elizabeth. Your tablet is always at your disposal to track current tasks, store important notes, including evidence, and make video calls examine the witnesses. As the investigation follows, everyone in Sophia’s suite falls under suspicion and seems to have a skeleton in a cupboard.

● exciting spin on a classic detective outset
● a cast of distinctive characters
● 8 puzzles and mini-games
● clear hidden object locations

Apart of numerous characters, the game features a variety of mini-games and puzzles. Smoothly drawn artwork makes it easy to cope with hidden object tasks.


Throughout the game the item list is represented as icons, words and images, and often requires to scour more than one location to complete.


The mini-games include both familiar brain-teasers like memory match and math puzzles, and quite original activities like chemical expertise or removing blood stains.

Royal Express combines classic detective setting and modern look, intriguing storyline and a couple of hours of addicting hidden object gameplay that will make you tap, swipe, pinch and flick as you play on mobile device..


Explore smoothly drawn hidden object locations, solve mesmerizing puzzles and complete original mini-games to crack the case and save the wedding of the century. 


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Game Review   2013-07-09


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