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Game Review   2007-03-22



Treasure of PersiaTreasure of Persia


The popularity of match-three type of puzzles is increasing from day to day. Not only they flooded your PC, but here they are - an army of matching puzzles trying to get inside your Pocket!


Treasure of Persia by Realore Studio for Pocket PC. This game is similar to such bestsellers as Cradle of Rome, Luxor and many other puzzles of this type. At the same time Treasure of Persia features volumetric cubic forms of the playing field. In this game items are placed not in the plain, simple rows, but have a complicated structure.


Cubes are spread on the playing field and can be placed on top of each other up to 3 cubes in a column.


Treasure of PersiaFrom the very beginning of the game you find yourself in the majestic, ancient city of a rich Arabian World - Persia.


The background of the room is overfilled with glistening treasures: priceless gems, bright precious stones, and jewelry. Starlit night outside is calling for  adventures....


You are proposed to choose among three modes: Time, Puzzle and Arcade.


Time Mode, as you can suspect, put your under a time pressure , while Arcade Mode requires earning a certain amount of points.


In Puzzle Mode you are to delete all special "Star Cubes" from the playing field. But regardless of which mode you've chosen, the rules of the game are stable.


You are to put at least three cubes of the same color together, so that they burst and disappear.


Treasure of PersiaThere are six colors of cubes in general. Bursting each of them brings you 10 points. If you concentrate all your strategy skills and make a successful shot, you'll get a chain reaction, called Combo Bonus.


You may appear to be rather lucky and have Combo more than two times! In such case, you'll acquire a new type of bonus - Persia Bomb.


You may improve you results and complete the game more successfully with the help of:


Double Score Bonus (specific blue cube): earns twice the normal amount of points when you use it;


Triple Score Bonus (violet cube): earns three times the normal amount of points;


Recolor Bonus (yellow cube): recolors a struck cube into its own color;


Time Bonus (red cube): freezes the thermometer for some time;


Multi Color Bonus: can be a cube of any color;


Bonus Rotate (violate cube with arrows): turns stone cubes into colored ones;


Lift Up Bonus (has a form of triangle): raises other elements, placing them inside itself (except Stone).


Also, there are some bonuses which can make an earthquake, burst adjacent cubes etc.


Besides helping bonuses, be ready to face with some hampering cubes, which block the other cubes, overtake their colors, prohibit you to burst the line and so forth.


Graphics and music are not stunning, but rather quality and engaging. The appearance of treasure is rather attractive and realistic, so you'll not hold out to pick up all gems and stones while playing.

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Game Review   2007-03-22


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