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Game Review   2008-06-25


 Airport_Mania__First_FlightAirport Mania: First Flight - Do It Quickly


This arcade game developed by South Winds Games and published by Reflexive is one of those that draw attantion by being one of a kind. Airport Mania: First Flight's uniqueness, as for me, is observed in the fact that you don't play here with people.

You do not have a cute character that serves different kinds of custommer groups. You work with cute little planes here.


The job of an air traffic controller isn't easy itself. Now if you add some speed to all this decision making and you get Airport Mania: First Flight.




So, hopefully, you are ready to take up a job with a high responsibility level. You are going to be an air traffic controller. You'll work in 8 different airports that take over 80 levels of crazy and hectic dicision making.


Your job is to land the planes on free runways, that you get it to a gate to unload the passangers and pick up the new ones. The planes may sometimes need some repairs or refueling. In this case you take them to a special garage area.


I guess you understand that this all becomes very chaotic soon. It means that you are to plan ahead and make quick decisions. You can line up the actions by clicking on the appropriate items. Whenever you change your mind you can cancel the action any time.

The game is full of entertaining items and events. So get ready for some unexpected things to happen.


Airport_Mania__First_FlightThe game has lots of power-ups to offer. You can buy them in between the levels. Those include things like in-flight movies or new gates, runways and layover spaces. You can also buy radars that help you find out in advance the type and color of the coming plane. And this is important because you get more points here if you match the planes with the gates of the same color.


There are also Easter eggs that are hidden on the background. So click on them when you find them. Once in a while you get some funny events like a plane with organ donations or a pregnant woman or even the President. Just be ready to take care of those in the first place.


The game is a great representative of this genre. It's both funny and challenging. So make up your mind what you are going to do with it.

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Game Review   2008-06-25


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Alex  2011-08-25 03:40:55
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Audel  2011-08-26 10:07:05
If information were soccer, this would be a gooooaol!

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