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Game Review   2009-06-10


Around the World in 80 DaysAround the World in 80 Days - and without airplanes! Can you do it?

Around the World in 80 Days is a new match 3 game from Playrix Entertainment that will take you to the end of XIX century. I am sure you have read the classic novel of Jules Verne. This game gives you a fascinating chance to revive the events of the book while playing colorful match 3 levels.

What do you think about travelling all over the world with English daredevil Phileas Fogg and his French servant Passepourtout? Seems a great idea to me!

Around the World NotebookThe game story is of no surprise for those familiar with the famous novel. Rich London bachelor Phileas Fogg enters a dispute with the members of his club and finally gets himself into a bet where the position of the club's Chairman is at stake. Phileas undertakes to make a trip around the world and come back in 80 days - and he is determined to keep his word!

So the whole London is talking over the unusual case and our brave hero ventures into the journey of his life, accompanied by his loyal Passepourtout and private detective Fix who has a task to prevent him from winning the wager.

Around the World PlayfieldYour first destination will be England, where you'll have to pack your carpet-bag in order to be ready for the trip. The game play is quite standard - match 3 or more similar tiles in a row to make them disappear. On each level you will have to collect several pieces of a certain object that will later prove to be useful in your adventure by leading them to the bottom of the playfield. Surely you will have limited time for each level and various power-ups, some of which are situated on the field and some have to be earned by matching four or more tiles.

Here is a little tip: do not use your hammer power-up as soon as you earn it. You can accumulate its power by creating more matches and get a bomb or even a fireball tool, which is much more helpful. Some of those will destruct several tiles at a time or all tiles of a certain kind.

But you will also meet some obstacles on your way. Be ready to stumble upon locked or frozen tiles which are more difficult to remove.


Around the World LevelMr. Fogg needs to bring a unique stamp from each country he visits in order to prove he has really been there. You will collect such stamps before leaving each location - these are levels where your task is to clear the field from all golden tiles by making matches over them. Again nothing uncommon for match 3 games. But this is what makes them so addictive, isn't it?

I should also point your attention at something that really distinguishes the game from the others - its visuals. The graphics is astonishingly beautiful. And while playing you can watch the spectacular backgrounds representing each country change as the day passes by. You will find yourself in rainy London and shining Paris, in hot Egypt and exotic India...(and you can enjoy the views anytime during the game by clicking the eye icon at the top of the screen).

And one more thing to be mentioned - each location passed unlocks one more picture for the terrific screensaver you get together with the game. This one can be even set up so that its time would coincide with your time of day!

On the whole I can say that Around the World in 80 Days is a sample of a match 3 game of really high quality which you are sure to love from the first sight. See for yourself!

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Game Review   2009-06-10


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