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Game Review   2007-05-01


Bubble Shooter for MacintoshBubble Shooter - Classic Arcade and Shooter Mix


Bubble Shooter by Absolutist is an all-time classics. The game has become a brand and a ground for multiple game clones.


And here is the latest news from the developers: ABSOLUTIST IS WORKING ON A NEWER VERSION OF THE GAME. So, check back at GameMile for preview of the latest version of the game. 


Let us present you the Mac version of the the latest game in Bubble Shooter series launched on 2001. Bubble Shooter for Mac was released in 2004. By the way, the game has been ported to many computer platforms including Mac, Palm, PocketPC, Symbian, Smartphone and Linux.


Download Bubble Shooter for Windows          Download for Mac


The playing field of Bubble Shooter is designed in pastel colors and reminds of a classic arcade game. Playing Bubble Shooter has a relaxing effect upon player's eyes. The playing field is partly filled with bubbles moving downwards.


The point is to shoot the army of bubbles with the bubbles of the same color. 

                                                         Bubble Shooter level screenshot

Moreover, in order to score, you may use the following trick: aim to shoot the bubbles so that the bubbles in the lower rows fall down. This will bring you extra score and get you closer to the end of level.


As you remove all the bubbles of the same color, they will not appear again on the playing field and thus, by the end of level your task is getting easier.  Bubbles of the single color remain and you can shoot them all out just with a single shot.


So, as you make your final shot, you enjoy the spectacular view of bubble fireworks in 3D.


Bubble Shooter for MacOSBubble Shooter consists of 3 game modes for people with different playing skills and reaction pace.


In Strategy, new bubbles appear on the playing field after a certain number of shots, while in Arcade they do so after a limited period of time.


This is why strategy would be more preferable for those new to the arcade games and people with the slow "clicking skills". In Sniper mode the point is to remove the bubbles with the least number of shots.


The color scheme of Bubble Shooter is based on mix of the pastel and bright colors, which makes the game pretty engaging. One more notable feature of the game is 3D effects of Bubble Shooter Deluxe displayed after level completion.


However, it is to say, the in-game music is somewhat monotonous. Anyway, you can just switch the sound off and enjoy the rest of the game.


Bubble Shooter Deluxe allows creating new players and saving game for each of them                                                   


You may also use score submission that allows you comparing your bubble shooting skills.     


Since the time of the first version release in 2000 games of Bubble Shooter series have been downloaded 1 million times in many countries of the world. If you need to take a time-out from the house chores of office work, Bubble Shooter can be your remedy.   


Download Bubble Shooter for Windows          Download for Mac

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Game Review   2007-05-01


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Brooke  2012-03-14 08:29:06
Dear Bubble Shooter Players, Don't waste your time with this game. It is really unfair. Every single time i think i am going to win it randomly sends down a row, and screws me.

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