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Game Review   2007-06-20


ChocolatierChocolatier - indulge your sweet tooth on Mac OS now


Download Chocolatier for Mac

Download Chocolatier for Windows


Chocolatier is the game, developed by PlayFirst for Mac OS, that is going to get you in the chocolate making. The game will take you to the world of numerous recipes and exotic ingredients. Do your best to develop your business traveling around the world and meeting different people.



You start with a factory in San Francisco creating a name and a customized logo for it.


ChocolatierIn the beginning you meet Evageline Baumeister, who introduces you to the art of chocolate making.


She tells you that you are to re-establish the family business that was once a success.


To do that you need to find all the ancient recipes and make the production profitable.


You start to develop the business with a factory in San Francisco.


You are free to choose the name and create a customized logo for it.


Most of your actions are about getting new ingredients for the production


ChocolatierThe screen provides you with the information about the amount of money you have.


Then, there is a book with the recipes. You can use it to choose a recipe of chocolates you're going to produce in the near future and learn about the ingredients  required for each recipe.


You can also use the map anytime to see where you can go and how much the travel will cost you.


You can check the ingredients you have or don't have in the inventory. So, most of your actions are based on getting the ingredients for the production.


You don't produce the chocolate products yourself but it's you who assign the recipe and set the efficiency of your factory by playing a mini-game.


ChocolatierAfter a while you'll find yourself rushing from one place to another buying selling and producing the chocolate products.


However, you don't produce the chocolate bars and other stuff yourself.


It's done automatically, but you are to assign the recipe for the production. You can also set the factory efficiency by playing a mini-game.


In the mini-game you are to shoot the correct ingredients into trays that rotate around a chocolate making machine. The more successful you are in the mini-game, the more efficient your factory will be.


You can play the game in two modes: Story and Free Play.


ChocolatierThe game is played in two modes that determine the streamline of the game plot: Story and Free Play


In the Story Mode you are challenged to re-establish the family business and find 64 recipes. Playing this mode is really time-consuming.


In the Free Play Mode you start the business with $10 000 and all the recipes unlocked. The mode is about money making. 


Tips and Tricks

  • Keep yourself upgraded as to what you need to buy as some things can be bought only in particular places;

  • When the price is low or quite reasonable, buy big amounts of the ingredients - it'll save your money on traveling;

  • Check the prices for the products that can be bought in several places. The prices change so it's better to buy something you are not lacking yet for less money now, than pay more later. The same is with selling your products.

Got more tips and tricks? Post your comments below.


Download Chocolatier for Mac

Download Chocolatier for Windows


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Game Review   2007-06-20


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