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Game Review   2009-02-25


Chocolatier Decadence by DesignChocolatier: Decadence By Design - Yummy...


Chocolatier: Decadence By Design is a new sequel of a hit simulation game. Developed by Big Splash Games and published by PlayFirst, the game takes you again into chocolate factories business. Even though the goals are the same, the techniques are pretty familiar, there still is some new interesting featues and the wraping itself to get you involved.



In this sequel you take over the family business from Alex, who set off to find her husband that never came back from the war. What war? World War II - this is the era you are in.


Chocolatier__Decadence_By_DesignThe goal of the game is the same as in the previous games - to grow your business turning it into a global success. This sequel reminds the first game a lot because you are to travel to different places to get the ingredients and produce the chocolate.


You start from Zurich. From there on you go places like  Tokyo, Capetown, Toronto, San Francisco, Baghdad etc. to find the best deals on the products that you need for the production. Then you get back, produce the chocolate and find other places in Zurich or somewhere else to buy it.


The characters are willing to be haggled with and also are quite firendly asking questions and making some comments about your family.


Chocolatier__Decadence_By_DesignThe production of a new product is represented in the form of a mini-game where you shoot the required materials to the chololate producing maching. The mini-game is a nice break from the simulation game.


One of the great features added to the game is the opportunity to create your own recipes.


This new masterpieces can be collected in an online special book plus you can also download other players' recipes.


Chocolatier: Decadence By Design is a very delicious game with all it contains anyways. It will be a fresh gaming experience for the fans of the game as well as an interesting and addictive experience for the freshmen. 


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Game Review   2009-02-25


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