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Game Review   2006-12-20


Diner Dash - Flo on the Go - Waitress on a Sea Cruise

Diner Dash: Flo on the Go - Waitress on a Sea Cruise


So, Flo whom we know from two previous games of the famous series, got tired of work in a restaurant. To take her mind off restaurant dash, she buys a ticket and takes to the sea cruise. But she loses the ticket and her suitcase, and to refund them she has to run the ships restaurant.


Download  Diner Dash: Flo on the Go here


So the main point of the game is to help Flo serve clients on the cruise. As in Diner Dash 1 and Diner Dash 2 the girl has to do it very quickly and  attentively to please the  most fretful clients.


Click on a group of clients and drag them to empty table. Mind the color of clients' clothes: you must match customers color to seat color. The more times you match the color, the more bonuses you get.


Once the table is chosen, bring a menu to a client. When he's ready to make an order, come to him and then take his order to the counter. When the food is ready, click on a table and the client will get his order.


While the customers are waiting for their orders, use a moment and try to ‘bribe' them. Remember, that the happier the client is, the more points you get.


To make some clients happy, Flo has to make their photoYou can serve the visitors some drinks while they are waiting. Some customers can ask to make their photo - be ready to gratify  all client's whims. Use the possibility to chat with them from podium or pay attention to clients with children: there are special highchairs for babies so bring them to tables where clients with children are waiting.


A number of client's ‘shining' hearts is the indicator of their happiness.


Pay attention that there are different types of customers: some of them are good-tempered while others are real cracking bores.


As you progress through the levels, different types of customers come to your restaurant. Cell phone addict, for example, is fast to order; business woman is very impatient and bookworm-like man dislikes noise, so try to find a seat for him far from noisy visitors.


Raising enough money Flo can buy new clothes


When the customers have finished eating, collect dirty dishes and bring them a bill. If your service was ‘a first-class' one, you have a chance to raise good tips.


Having raised a definite sum of money, you can spend them on clothes for Flo!


The newly bought clothes are added to Flo's closet - click on any item and try it on!


Playing the game you'll visit 5 types of restaurants, you'll see 25 types of decorations, and try on 9 types of costumes. In my opinion the game will be a smashing hit and a worthy Christmas present for everyone!


Download Diner Dash: Flo on the Go here



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Game Review   2006-12-20


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Con  2006-12-23 04:20:57
This is a very interesting and challanging game...

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Nelia  2011-08-07 19:25:28
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