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Game Review   2009-09-30


Hidden Wonders of the DepthsHidden Wonders of the Depths - Your ultimate underwater adventure


Hidden Wonders of the Depths is a game combining all the tendencies characteristic of up-to-date gaming. First, it is a mix of several genres, as you will encounter match 3, collapse,memory, jigsaw and hidden object levels, which makes playing the game really diverse. Second, it is wrapped into underwater theme, which enjoys extreme popularity among casual players. Third, the graphics of the game is really amazing and stands in the same row as The Count of Monte Cristo or Luxor 3.

Hidden Wonders of the Depths do not tell you a complicated story. Instead of this you are offered a complicated game play.

Hidden Wonders of the DepthsActually, there's no story at all - you just travel to an underwater palace. But the journey is going to be extremely addictive and fascinating. The game contains a whole range of different types of game play to match any taste.

First, the match 3 part. It's quite unusual, as you don't just match tiles or clear the field, but you have to make a path for a cute little crab to the chest by removing tiles on his way. If you make him stay on one place for too long, be ready to see him grimace (and that's funny, aha). Once your little friend reaches the chest you receive a part of some undersea item. When you complete the item, you complete a stage. But in order to pass most of such levels you have not just to lead the crab to the chest, but also to destroy all stone or chained tiles on the playfield. The rules are standard - make a match over such a tile and it will be unlocked.
Hidden Wonders of the DepthsBesides the parts of the treasure items you will find crystals - they add you points, and parts of jigsaw puzzle - as soon as you collect a certain number of these, you'll get access to a jigsaw puzzle, completing which will give you a magic powerup, which can be quite useful later.

Other types of levels include memory (find pairs of matching tiles), a funny mix of memory and mahjong, collapse (just click groups of three or more similar tiles to make them disappear) and hidden object (find four types of objects on a picture).

Each level is limited in time, which makes some of them rather tough to complete, if we don't mention some really mind-bending puzzles in later levels. As I already said, the visuals are terrific, and the audio is cute and matches the game style perfectly.

A puzzle for everyone to try, I would say.

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Game Review   2009-09-30


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This is Hidden Wonders of the Depths for Mac review. Download this game here.