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Game Review   2011-07-14


Jewel Match 3


Finding yourself in a magic world with this matching game you are totally captivated by all of the bright colors and stunning animation. It is as gorgeous as it has never been before among this genre. This game is pleasing to play as well as to the eye. Those shiny objects, dazzling jewels that are all over the quest  feast for the eye's. At last we meet a pristine gameplay, lovely ambience, awesome graphics and  full of kindness story to adore matching games particularly Jewell Match 3.



Your first task here is to collect all the gems from the shining fountain in the center of the courtyard.


The story starts with introducing you a girl named Luna. Many moons ago she left  her home in Nevernear to attend the Magical University of Horticulture in the land of Varanna. One day she stops receiving letter from her family. Fearing the worst Luna takes her long journey back home. The great castle of her uncle has been destroyed, the magical garden has gone and instead of them several strange crystals are standing  up in the desolating country. As Luna studies at magical school she knows that the gems might help her to restore this magnificent land.


Your first task here is to collect all the gems from the shining fountain in the center of the courtyard.  You can choose a game mode according to your desire and your skill. You have a choice of normal (timed), relaxed or Match-3 Maniac (harder levels) modes.


Unlike a lot of games, where you must create a row over every tile to proceed, here you are presented with a few select tiles that have been turned gold, and you must match jewels over those tiles to complete the level. Some gold tiles are covered with silver and they will require two matches to be made over them. Each time you create a row, additional tiles will drop down to fill the spots left by the matched tiles, usually resulting in some serious combos.

The play in Jewel Match is to match 3 or more gems to score points in order to move on to the next level. The helps in this game is to score enough points to win are 3 different hammers. Each one is different from the metal hammer which removes only one stubborn gem in your way or to the jeweled hammer which can destroy all gems of one color. The more powerful the hammer the more points needed. The challenges in Jewel Match are the chained jewels and the gold and silver blocks you have to break before the hourglass runs out of sand.

Besides doing the M3, you also have to collect magical seeds, learn spells, gather mana, water ets. which helps you with the M3 boards. The kingdom, of course, needed to be rebuilt, complete with purchasing pieces of the castle. The magical seeds are so cool, you get to plant them and water them, while restoring the castle's.

Another cool thing, that is added, are arrows, so once you complete a board, you can click on the arrow, and begin the next board, which also gives this game a nice flow to it. During the course of the play, there are hidden object scenes. They are not difficult at all, but help to add variety to the matching standard. If you still have some problems in finding items you may use hints as usual. There are also mini-puzzles, which are rotate/swap and it is nice that they operate as one would like- left click to swap, right click to rotate.


Jewel Match 3 proves to be a real godsend to the fans of matching three. Or if your eyes need rest from the hidden object you are welcome this addictive game!


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Game Review   2011-07-14


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