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Game Review   2010-08-25


Lost in the City: Post Scriptum - Finishing The Story



Lost in the City: Post Scriptum is a sequel to the Lost in the City game from Big Fish Games. Those who played the first game are brought back some nice though creepy memories of the experience wondering if the second game stands up to that level.


For a short answer to that question - yes, it definitely does, for a longer answer you can keep reading.



The game continues the story of the first game, and now Here and Ann are responsible for saving the whole world.


Lost_in_the_City__Post_ScriptumYou for sure shouldn't expect the game to be joyous and full of life, but rather the bleak, dark, sad atmosphere saturates the whole gaming process. So get ready for that. The graphics and music render that feeling perfectly just like in the first game.


The game is easy to navigate with all of its scenes fitting the story. All the events are recorded in a diary for you and available any time. The game is full of hidden object searches and interaction. Sparkles will tell you where the hidden object areas are.


If you stuck in any  of those there are unlimited hint for you that recharge in 60 seconds. Hints can be earned by collecting purple butterflies along the way. You will also get those for solving a puzzle or completing a chapter.


Lost_in_the_City__Post_ScriptumRandom clicking is punished here. You are warned the first two times, the third wrong click makes the picture crack. Of course it restores in a short period of time.Your cursor will be a great helper indicating the options that you have.


For example, the eye cursor means that you need to explore what you see. An exclamation mark near the eye says you need to take action after looking at something. The hand cursor indicated that an item can be taken or moved. And the  ABC cursor shows that you can translate the words into English.  


Lots of interaction will take place in the game. And the mini-games that you are going to play every little while are quite challenging and definitely not so standard to be very easy.    


The fans of the first game will like this release for sure because it is too obvious that a great job had been done to make it.

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Game Review   2010-08-25


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This is Lost in the City: Post Scriptum for Mac OS review. Download this game here.