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Game Review   2011-07-19


Love Chronicles The Sword and the RoseLove Chronicles: The Sword and the Rose


Love Chronicles: The Sword and the Rose is one of the latest releases on BigFish.com. The game is for the fans of the interactive adventure, where you go around the places and collect things, then use them, then solve a little bit of puzzles, then go back to the places you left.




The game does make you go back and forth.


Love Chronicles The Sword and the Rose

The game starts off as a horror game with a totally creepy voice-over and animated introduction. Then you meet the prince who rescued one kingdom from the evil to come across some more in a different place.


You travel by ship that gets damaged as you try to get closer to an island under a curse. So you go deeper into the island and find out that a witch cast a spell on it and you are the only one to rescue all the nature and people.


Love Chronicles The Sword and the Rose

As you explore the island you come across this curly haired girl who asks you to collect all of the petals of a rose in order to bring her life back to her. That is your side task as you play the game.


And the main gameplay gets you travel from one location to another and collect things and interact with them and maybe go back and do some more of that. The game does make you go back and forth.


Love Chronicles The Sword and the Rose

And as you do that, you also come across different puzzles. What was enjoyable about them is that they were totally fitting into the story and locations you were in.


The challenge level of the game is rather medium. If it does get too hard, there are hints to help you out. If it isn't hard enough, there is the Expert mode. So everyone will be pleased here. So will nobody be disappointed with the graphics here. They are all beautifully drawn with lots of details.


The game is like a pool of cool water. You can jump right into it and spend a few hours there forgeting about the real world.

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Game Review   2011-07-19


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This is Love Chronicles The Sword and the Rose for Mac review. Download this game here.