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Game Review   2011-05-10


Maestro: Music of DeathMaestro: Music of Death - A Must-Have-It Game!


There are different genres in the casual games world. But there  are also different kinds of games within one genre according to what any game has to offer.


Some games are just to fill in the blank while waiting for something worthy, while others are the ones you are waiting on to enjoy it from start to end. Maestro: Music of Death belongs to the latter ones.



The game doesn't give away the whole story when you know what to expect.


Maestro: Music of Death

You play as an inspector who is trying to find out what's going on in a town that was closed because of some weird illness. Pretty soon you learn that for some unknown reason people get older and eventually die from the old age. You collect the information piece by piece, and you learn that it has something to do with a little girl playing music...


The game doesn't give away the whole story when you know what to expect. No, here, you are kept interested in what's going on. The whole presentation of the game is just perfect creating such a great atmosphere. It really is quite scarry with the animation and high quality drawings depicting the slightest details.


Maestro: Music of Death

Not only can you enjoy the images with such details as pores on a woman's face, but also you get the voice acted dialogues. As to the scenes cluttered with stuff, they are not spoilers too. All the clutter is very related and belongs to the places where you find it.


As to the gameplay, Maestro: Music of Death is a typical hidden object/adventure game. Those two main activities are balanced pretty good here. The hiden object levels follow the classic path. You are given a list if items to find with rechargable hint available to you. Some of the items are to be put together, like a burning candle.


Maestro: Music of Death

The rest of the time you are going to wander around meeting different characters and coming across all kinds of projects. That past of the game is not particularly easy even in the regular mode. But the hints work here as well,showing you where to go if you are lost.


Then there are also a sort of mini-games. But they don't stand up as a separate part of the game, but rather get played unnoticed as part of you wandering and searching.


The game is wonderful and enjoyable to play in its every aspect.

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Game Review   2011-05-10


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Kayla  2012-03-03 05:47:29
that games can do three things: teach, alnayze, and entertain, but they cannot do all of them equally well. Trade-offs must be made. Therefore a game designed to teach students at a military staff college will be different from a game designed to entertain hobby wargamers, even if they have somewhat eccentric interests in arcane military details. Much of the gaming that Kirschenbaum discusses that goes on in government agencies is seminar gaming. The purpose is to walk decision makers and their staffs through plausible scenarios to get them thinking about issues they may not have considered before. It's not generally competitive, although sometimes it can be for the wrong reasons, e.g. if the future of some program depends on the perceptions about its utility that are fostered by the game. In that case there can be competition over the assumptions and validity of the game. But fundamentally these games help decision makers and their staffs prepare for possibilities, and in that they are useful up to a point. They embody a quotation from Dwight D. Eisenhower: Plans are nothing; planning is everything. Like: 0

Setyarini  2012-11-24 13:24:16
Great move Mikael! And while I know Macs quality is iedend on a slope, they are still the best computers for people out there. And the shortcuts you'll get them really quickly

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This is Maestro: Music of Death for Mac review. Download this game here.