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Game Review   2008-04-23


Miss_Teri_Tale Miss Teri Tale - Finding Jason


Miss Teri Tale is another hidden object with a story of mysterious disappearance. You are to find a pet in a small suburbian town searching through all of the places around.


There are a lot of seek-and-find levels and story details to make the whole thing so much fun in this game, developed by Ouat Entertainment and published by Reflexive Entertainment.



Trying to find a quiet life you get into the investigation of the disappearance of your friend's pet.


Miss_Teri_Tale You play as an author who moves to a small town, trying to get rid of the craziness of a big city. But instead of a quiet life you get an investigation to lead.


Your new friend's pet, a purebred Chinese Crested Dog, is missing and who else can help? You get into the whole thing to help your firend.


So you start to try to check and find out who could be interested in it. You look for the reasons for kidnapping the pet.


After you have narrowed the list of suspects you search though their places trying to find some clues. And these clues are going to help you understand who is definitely clear and who is still suspected.


There's also one part of a story - you get messeges from a blackmailer every once in a while. They don't add much to the game itself but they are a part of it and are meant to give you some hints.


You are to encounter several types of mini-games. The hint system is quite flexible.


Miss_Teri_TaleSo as you understand, Teri breaks into other people's houses to serch their places. This part gives place for mini-games of trying to decode the security systems of the houses.


There are also memory mini-games in between the levels. As to the difficulty level of the game, it's not that hard, i would say.


There are hints to help you and you can actually regulate the number of them. Hints are represented by clovers and You can use up to five clovers.


But then you replanish their number by going into Teri's house and searching for them among all of Teri's stuff.


The game provides everyhting you need from a hidden object game and would be a great option for free time.

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Game Review   2008-04-23


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This is Miss Teri Tale for Mac review. Download this game here.