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Game Review   2010-05-07


Mushroom_AgeMushroom Age - New Loop of History

Welcome to Mushroom Age - the new funny and addictive hidden object game from Nevosoft, where you'll travel in time in search of your fiancee who works for the a-little-bit-out-of-his-mind Professor Einbock. Challenging quest tasks and exciting variety of mini-games will keep you playing for hours, while amusing characters will add fun.

Do you think human race is the crown of evolution? Wrong you are! It's mushroom!

Mushroom_Age So, as you already understood, you are to play for Vera, Tom Scout's fiancee, who is trying to find her missing sweetheart. In order to do this you will travel through time to the most unexpected places and meet a number of the most unexpected characters who will help you in your quest. And a real quest it is, as you will look for dinosaur's eggs, massage Socrates and restore the evolution pyramid (remember, it's mushroom)!

The game play is very diverse and takes a bit of thinking, not just looking at the picture attentively. On each scene you will fulfill certain tasks, and they will require all your wits sometimes. One of the great features of the game is that you don't just look for items, you have to use them, and to perform some actions in order to find them. such interaction makes the game much more dynamic and challenging.

Tip: note that the places where actions are needed sparkle so that to give you a hint of what to do.


Mushroom_Age Besides the basic quest scenes the game contains a wide variety of mini-games, each of them is fun and worth your attention. You will be offered wrd games, memory games, puzzles, etc., each in humorous wrapping and strongly related to the game story.

Here we come to the story of the game and the fact that it constitutes quite a large part of Mushroom Age, as, I should say, in most of Nevosoft games. The dialogues between levels are humorous and interesting, and the characters themselves are rather weird yet charming, starting from Professor Einbock and through all the other heroes of all times. but the dialogues do sometimes seem a bit too lengthy. In this case you can just skip them - there is the necessary button.

On the whole the game is really engaging and challenging, and offers a great alternative to most hidden objects in the market due to the interaction in game play and humour in story. Are you ready to start for the Mushroom Age?

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Game Review   2010-05-07


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This is Mushroom Age for Mac OS review. Download this game here.