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Game Review   2007-12-26


Mystery in LondonMystery in London - Uncover the Truth About Jack the Ripper


Big Fish Games has presented us a newly-born hidden-object game for Mac OS.

Mystery in London is a puzzle game that gets you in London for working on Jack the Ripper's case.


Step by step you get closer to solving the mystery of Jack the Ripper.


Mystery_in_LondonAccording to the story you are an old books collector and, being in London, you come across a book where you find a note signed by "JR".

You get a little bit deeper into the investigation and find out that you deal with Jack the Ripper.


You soon realize that you might be able to solve the mystery of the series of murders that were too hard for the investigators to uncover.


You also understand that there are those interested in the identity of the murderer to remain unknown.


You will go through 16 chapters of hidden-object adventure with puzzle mini-games in between.


Mystery_in_LondonThe game itself is an average hidden-object game consisting of 16 chapters.

Your task for each chapter is to find the list of the required items.


The items can be grouped by some characteristic (like food stuff or numbers) or items' silhouettes can be given to you instead of the names.


As to the locations, there are lots of inside scenes while there're so many opportunities to get us into the famous places in London.


Nevertheless the most picturesque locations of London were included and you do learn new facts about London. The mini-games are puzzles of all possible types you can imagine.


The game reminds a lot Travelogue 360 because of the 360-degrees views. You can turn right and left, up and down or you can just switch to the static picture consisting of 16 photos.


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Game Review   2007-12-26


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