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Game Review   2007-05-23


Mystery of Shark IslandMystery of Shark Island


Download Mystery of Shark Island (Mac)


Download Mystery of Shark Island(Windows)


Well, judging from adventurous bright movies, the desert island is very romantic and exciting place. Let's try to use our abilities and unravel the mystery of Shark Island. Multiple wooden flotsams, some steps and someone's chest - it is all that remained after the shipwreck here.


Who knows what's happened? Are survivors anywhere? What is inside the chest and whom  it belongs to? To answer all these questions you are to solve the tricky puzzles of the game and find a key to the chest.


The playing field is a sandy beach. There are lots of bright shells, stones, conchs, algae e.t.c. Your task is to find and pick up in this variety all the required items (4-5 usually), displayed on the bottom of the playing field.


Mystery of Shark IslandOf course there are not so many species of the sea objects on the playing field, but it is one great obstacle.


Some of them are covered underneath the sand. To find and collect them you should brush the sand away by sweeping your mouse over it. But that is not the only bad news for now. Be ready to face big heavy rocks on the playing field. They also prevent you from completing the level efficiently.


When you see them, hold the mouse button down over the rock to lift it. Each object that you find earns you points and gets your progress running.


Sometimes the set of sea objects may contain the shining golden coins. Don't hesitate to collect them as they are extremely useful power-ups.


Mystery of Shark IslandThus, one bonus may wave your timer restored, while another one removes all rocks or increases the speed with which you pick up rocks and so forth. Also you may increase your results if you finish early.


In such a case you'll be awarded with a time bonus. Pick up 10 shells without picking up piece of a junk to increase your score multiplayer. It is also possible to get a chaining bonus: pick up multiple shells of the same type in a row.


Despite the game being rather addicting it is too difficult sometimes to complete one or another task. To avoid hardships and obstacles of Mystery of Shark Island follow some useful tips:


Mystery of Shark Island- Collect all power-ups you see on the playing field as soon as possible. In such way you'll be prepared for any complications in the game process and can use it wherever you want.

- Remove the heavy stones from the very beginning of the playing. Otherwise you may seek for the object too long without success.

- Remember about all corners and even the smallest sand hills and pits. Needed tiles may be found in the most unpredictable place.

- Try to collect the same objects (fully similar in shape, size, color etc) one by one. If you find two tiles simultaneously, your score will be doubled. Three sea pieces collected one after another makes you points multiplied by three.


Be ready to face some tricks and little shortcomings (the last point is very subjective thing and you may not share my opinion):


- The objects sometimes are imagined two small to sea and distinguish them well.

- Graphics not clear enough for full plunging into the underwater atmosphere.

- The waves sometimes surge too fast and you can't actually study the whole beach stuff.


Download Mystery of Shark Island (Mac)

Download Mystery of Shark Island(Windows)

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Game Review   2007-05-23


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