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Game Review   2010-12-15


Nightmare Adventures: The Witch's Prison


Nightmare Adventure coverA nightmare is a way to get prepared for a day. This must be a motto of Kiera Vale, the heroine of the new Puzzle Adventure game called Nightmare Adventures: The Witch's Prison. The girl gets an enigmatic letter from a guy she doesn't know. This message brings her to the Blackwater Asylum. The eerie atmosphere of the place is greatly conveyed by means of graphics and truly corresponds to the game title. Wondering round the locations as Kiera you're supposed to find out who were the birth parents of the young lady (the gameplot includes even a DNA test) and reveal all the truth about Alton Quinn, a sloppy guy who invited Kiera to the Asylum. Just get prepared that the things happening to you during the game will go from a little creepy to really weird.




The sounds along with dark colours of the well-drawn graphics make up the spooky atmosphere of a real nightmare.


Nightmare Adv roomNightmare Adventures: The Witch's Prison is defined as Hidden Object, Puzzle and Adventure game. I have to disappoint the HOG-fans: the scenes where you need to find the items according to the list are rare. But you're switched into it really in eccentric way! For example you're looking for the things you need to move through the locations, take a glance at a computer and suddenly you're already involved into HOG-game. By the way HOG-picture is lovely – vivid and blazing and the music is rather peppy.


Talking about graphics and music in general, I must admit that it correlates with the story in full. The dialogues without voiceover and little background music makes you a little bit nervous being in suspence. The only sounds that you hear from time to time are oppressive, no matter what it is: screech or squeak. The sounds along with dark colours of the well-drawn graphics make up the spooky atmosphere of a real nightmare.


Nightmare Adventure TV PuzzleAs for the navigation you have some extra facilities – Story and Photos. Story is a kind of a notebook where you can find a short resume of the events you've been through. But don't hope to find any hints there. It's just a story. Photos is the list of the pictures that are automatically taken when you find something worth remembering but cannot take as an inventory item. For example you walk in the Asylum's cemetery and see different old stones with some strange inscriptions. These inscriptions will help you to solve the puzzles in future in some other locations. And in order of not backtracing again and again the developers of the game provided you with the pictures of these hints that you can take a look at every moment you wish.


Nightmare Adventures RiddleThe puzzles in Nightmare Adventures: The Witch's Prison are of different levels. Some of them are really easy but some are rather challenging. But you can always skip the ones you dislike. The peculiarity of the game is that Skip and Hint button is one and the same. While you're rambling locations it is Hint button but as soon as you enter any puzzle it is already Skip button. This means that if you haven't used your Hint button for a long time and it is charged you may click it as a Skip button as soon as you started the puzzle. In this case you don't need to waste your time waiting when skipping is already available. In general the hint system is ok, but from time to time it is not helping. Sometimes it says you that you have nothing to do in the location you're standing and with sparkles proposes you to walk to in every direction. As for me it is an equivocal hint, isn't it? But for those of you who prefer gentle hints to direct instructions it will probably do.


The storyline and character interaction in the game is minimal. So don't think you'll have some time to make a tea or fall asleep.


The game is catching. Hardly you notice the time you've spent on it. But the end that is opened to a sequel will make you notice every minute that you'll wait for the continuation of the game.

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Game Review   2010-12-15


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This is Nightmare Adventures: The Witch's Prison for Mac OS review. Download this game here.