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Game Review   2007-04-25


Plantasia - A Fairy of HorticulturePlantasia - A Fairy of Horticulture


Download Plantasia for Windows Download Plantasia for Mac here


Game Story. Holly is a fairy in training.  One step separates her from a cherished dream to become a full-fledged fairy. As a final trick she must grant a wish of Jack, a despondent owner of infinite lands and a run-down estate. He challenges Holly to repair all the gardens and fountains at his neglected place.


The task in Plantasia is to help Holly restore gardens to their former glory so that she could compete her training as a fairy.


Plant flowers, clean out rocks, weeds and seedsTo fix gardens, one has to plant and harvest flowers while clearing out rocks, weeds and pests. Successful gardening is based on four principles: Dig, Plant, Gather, and Protect. Actions consecution is as in real gardening: one gets seeds, digs a hole, clicks on it to plant selected seed. The procedure is a no-brainer but there are a few tips and tricks one should know to succeed in horticulture business.

  • If flowers of the same color are planted next to each other, you can harvest them all once for a point bonus. The more flowers are blooming together, the higher is the bonus.

  • In some gardens colored circles randomly appear. These fairy circles give you bonus when you grow a plant of the same color as a circle in it. In circles flowers grow faster and bigger.

  • Be attentive to flower's wishes: if a flower turns grey, it runs out of the water. Flowers also lose bloom - be quick to harvest them before they lose bloom.

  • Lower level flowers are less demanding, but they yield little profit. Higher level flowers are either more delicate and it takes them longer to bloom.

Mind that garden should be fixed before time runs out.


When flowers grow, you earn points called mana. Mana are used to approve skills and abilities, and to buy multiple power-ups.


When flowers grow, you earn points called mana.For example, you can buy tools using mana.


Box with tools available right now is shown at the left of the playing field. Each tool can be used for a limited number of times.


Using mana you buy new tools and upgrade them to make them stronger and faster.


Other power-ups you can spend mana for:

  •  transport - allows to take flowers to a new empty sport;

  •  rainstorm - waters all flowers;

  •  rockbreaker - destroys rocks;

  •  best-be-gone - kills pests.

Apart from power-ups, one will come across hazards, such as stones that litter a garden, weeds taking away water from flowers and a handful of pests, some of them slow (Caterpillar) while other are fast and extremely harmful (Hercules Beetle).


When you earned enough mana from harvesting flowers, you can start repairing statues.  


Tool box shows tools available at the momentOnce you've earned enough mana to repair statue, ‘Restore' button glows.


Restore all statues to complete a normal goal and create a final statue to become an expert winner.


The game features simple gameplay and easy controls. Here is everything: vivid colors, action, strategy, even mystic.


Two modes make it really funny and addictive.



Download Plantasia for Windows

Download Plantasia for Mac here



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Game Review   2007-04-25


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