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Game Review   2010-04-07


Puppet Show: Mystery of JoyvillePuppet Show: Mystery of Joyville - Mystery All Over

Puppet Show Mystery of Joyville is one of the latest and best hidden object games released recently. The game has almost the same components that any hidden object game has nowadays, but they are just of a better quality.

That becomes very obvious after a few minutes of playing for any gamer whether you are a newcomer or a guru of the genre.

The whole game, every place you are going to visit, is covered with mystery here. And the fans of the genre will appreciate this.

Puppet Show: Mystery of JoyvilleYou play as a detective who arrives to Joyville to help its dwellers to find a missing boy. Right upon your arrival you are told that the town has a fame of a spooky place and that is not rumours. The two citizens who had asked you to come are an owner of the hotel and his daughter.

They are the ones who tell you the story of the town and what caused the things be as they are. The town used to be a tourist attraction because of the puppets made by the master. The puppets were all over the place acting like real people. But then there was a fire in the theater that killed the master. After that you can hear the master's crying in the theater and run into an evil spirit if you leave your home after the sunset.

Puppet Show: Mystery of JoyvilleAnother thing that can happen to you is you can disappear like some of the citizens. So that's the context in which you are to work as a detective trying to find the boy while he is still alive. The mystery theme is presented not only by the story of the game but by everything you see. You are surrounded by these puppets that you never know whether alive or dead. The is a particular one - a mechanic spider with a doll head running around.

So soon after the arrival you start your investigation. And you don't stay at home after it's dark but rather go around the town even to the cementary. What you generally do is you get to a location and by moving your cursor over the area you find out what areas you can go to or open or just get some information. Usually one of those areas will lead you to a hidden object scene where you collect all of the listed items.

Puppet Show: Mystery of JoyvilleSome of them go to your inventory. The inventory items can be seen whenever you want. They are used to help you proceed in the game when you come across a locked door or a dirty glass. There are also mini-games in the game. One thing that I really enjoyed about them is that they go as a part of the general gameplay helping you get through in the game and the story.

The graphics are dove very well. Everything looks so perfect. You can always see when the one who made the thing has really done their best. And you can't help but enjoy the process.

I don't know if the description was enough for you to decide if you want this one but I'm sure it was enough at least to persuade you that it's worth trying!

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Game Review   2010-04-07


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Rogerio  2012-04-29 05:23:46
Dang this game is epic, but there are some errors i see when pliyang such as:1: My units will get stuck moving from place to place and keep running and then get stuck in the object2: Enemys will get stuck off screen and still shoot3: Skips opening and goes straight to the menu and yeah i didn't click unlessi was opening the game.I do see an empty space in the menu, and i guess you will make Skirmish or Multiplayer using MMF2Dev's oink object. Can't wait to see.

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This is Puppet Show: Mystery of Joyville for Mac OS review. Download this game here.