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Game Review   2007-02-20


Rainbow MysteryRainbow Mystery - Blooming Mosaic


Download Rainbow Mystery for Mac


So, you've passed through Rainbow Web and think that things have come to an end? The story of the game has not ended and Sugar Games, developer of Rainbow puzzle series came up with the sequel.


So, according to a new story, Lily, a candidate to fairy, finished training with a wood enchantress. On her way home she got to know that happiness had left the magic land. To break evil spell cast upon her home village she has to solve all swap-and-match mosaics and to collect 14 magic trophies.


The point of Rainbow Mystery is to solve floral puzzles by matching plants of identical color.


Rainbow MysteryOnce the level is started, a mosaic grid with different flowers appears. The point is to swap adjacent flowers to make a line of three or more flowers with the same blossoms.


Matched flowers disappear scoring you points. Occasionally flowers that are blown up cause chain reaction leading to new matches.  A match of 4 or more flowers is rewarded with bonus points. Mind that time for solving mosaic is limited.


Still, if you score enough points before time runs out, the time left turns into a time-bonus which can be used in the next levels.


Rainbow MysteryWhile swapping flowers, note that some blossoms are nestling in colored cells. For extra bonuses, match flowers of the same color as a cell. For example, create a match including a red flower framed in a red cell. Colored cells are ingredients of a magic potion that can cast evil spells. When matched flowers disappear, cells are added to a cauldron where magic elixir is boiling.  To complete a level and continue a quest, all flowers nesting in multicolored cells should be blown up.


On a quest to fairy land one is sure to come across multiple trophies - collect them all in a Trophy Room while traveling across 70 magic destinations.


Rainbow MysteryKeep your eyes wide open for trophies and watch out for obstacles on your way to break evil spells.


Trophies will come in very handy: for example, you'll get a clue that unlocks all doors on your way. To pick it up, you have to maneuver it to the bottom of the puzzle.


It is achieved by creating matches beneath a key. Once a key reaches the bottom, the level is over.


Rainbow Mystery features pleasant music and smooth gameplay. Graphics with 3D elements is really beautiful. There is everything: a map reflecting your progress as you proceed in your adventure, differently-shaped mosaic grids that are new at each level, flowers blooming with vivid colors. Relax and Classic game modes allow to choose between unlimited match-making and timed game. Duel mode adds challenge to a game and allows to fight mysterious magician.


Download Rainbow Mystery for Mac

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Game Review   2007-02-20


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