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Game Review   2009-09-16


Ricochet Infinity Game DownloadRicochet Infinity - Arkanoid Game Of the Future


Meet Ricochet Infinity - an addictive break-out action-packed game that will take you around the galaxy bouncing the ball. The game is so full of everything that it is going to take long time for you to enjoy every feature of the game.  



Your task is to keep the ball bouncing to destroy everything on the screen.


Ricochet InfinityYou are to go through a great number of levels on your ship keeping the ball bouncing.


Your ship is at the bottom of the game field and it can be moved to the left/right only. It starts with a ball on it.


Once you started, the ball keeps bouncing in every possible direction.


Your task is to catch the ball any time it goes down to the ground.


You have to keep it bouncing to destroy all the bricks or balls or any other obstacle on the screen. 


You should be careful not to lose the ball and let it cross the bottom of the screen.


Don't miss the opportunity to use all the falling power-ups. But be careful not to catch the Red ones.


Ricochet InfinityThe game is full of power-ups. Though there are power-downs as well.


You have to remember - DON'T YOU EVER TOUCH THE RED POWER-UPS.


They will affect your ball or ship. They can, for example, freeze the ship so you won't be able to catch the ball; or they can make the ball very small in size and it gets so easy to loose it among all the stuff on the screen.


The power-ups are really cool though. If you get Laser Blaster, you are able to shoot at the items apart from destroying them with your ball.


Some of the power-ups, like Fire Ball, increase the ball power, while there is also one to slow down the ball. Though I, personally, prefer bouncing on a higher speed.


The greatest power-up, in my opinion, is Ship Specialty. It enables the ship to use its features, like bouncing three balls or big shield.


Anyway, there are tons of them and they literally fall like rain on you.


The modes of the game (Ricochet Infinity, Episode 2: The Delta Quadrant, and Other Galactic Adventures) will satisfy every possible preference.


Ricochet InfinityThe game features three modes: Ricochet Infinity, Episode 2: The Delta Quadrant, and Other Galactic Adventures.


In The Ricochet Infinity Mode you go through over 200 levels.  


The Episode 2: The Delta Quadrant Mode is locked till a certain moment.


In The Other Galactic Adventures Mode you get a catalog of thousands of modes created by the players from around the world.


I've found the levels I really liked in this mode because I was not very impressed by the dark colors of the game.


There is one more thing that is worth our attention. You'll find Mouse Party in the Main Menu. If you enjoy sharing your favorite games with your friends or competing with them, this option is just for you.


A green alien will accompany you on the way to the Ringmaster Grand Champion Rank. And the innovative feature will be a great help for you on this way.


Ricochet InfinityA new feature will be introduced to you in this action game. Now you can control the ball with your ship.


This enables you to shoot exactly where you want to. This is very helpful for gathering the gold rings. They will enable you to buy new better ships. Choosing a ship is not formal at all here. Every ship has its special features and you can use them once you get the Ship Specialty power-up. Some of them are way cool.


There is also a green little alien that is on the screen all the time. At first it seems rather ugly.


But later it turns out to be really sweet because it whole-heartedly worries about every mistake you make and rejoices at your victories.

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Game Review   2009-09-16


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This is Ricochet Infinity for Mac review. Download this game here.