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Game Review   2010-09-15


Robin's Quest: A Legend is Born

robins quest legend born coverWhat do you think of when you hear the name of Robin Hood? Is it an old English story telling about a guy in an emerald green body stocking with a bow fighting for the rights of destitute people of England? That's not the case in the newly released game Robin's Quest: A Legend is Born. Here Robin is a... girl that is looking for her husband. She helps the needy ones, uses her bow and wears the  emerald green body stocking. And I must admit that such clothes really fits her. So the general story is well-known, but the interpretation really impresses with the originality. Those of you who like arrows, green colour and Celtic music will definitely like the game just from the introduction part.




Robins Quest legend born jailThe arrow flies across your screen and hits the list of buttons where you can choose whether to start or to change the options. The atmosphere is already created and only two details were needed for that – an arrow and a scroll. Actually all the graphics of this Adventure, Puzzle, Hidden Object Game are fabulous. It is clear, bright and has so many tones of green that even a real forest may impress you less in that concern. But the music is even better. Though maybe my delight is resulted by the fact that I'm a fan of Celtic tunes. And such music is a feature of the game. Besides the voicing is really nice. Some may say that the pronunciation of the characters is not always clear. But in order to avoid the misinterpreting the written dialogues are provided. By the way, have you ever heard the English backwoodsmen? This is the real case you need some prompts!


The arrow flies across your screen and hits the list of buttons where you can choose whether to start or to change the options. The atmosphere is already created and only two details were needed for that – an arrow and a scroll.


The thing I liked more about the hidden object games was not even the graphics that took me enough efforts to search the items (I mean it wasn't too challenging but it wasn't to easy as well), but it was the general idea of providing with the list of objects you need to look for. The names were written on the cards. And the cards were organized in a pile so that you see only five names of the items during your searching proses. As soon as find one of the items the card with its name disappears opening the other card that was in a pile under it.


robins quest legend born archery contestThe hint system of the game is not a total standard bore as it usually happens. You're provided with 5 hints only at the beginning of the game. Then you need either to buy hints or to catch the fireflies. Why the fireflies? Because your hint-button looks like a closed jar with the number that is lightening from inside. The number equals to an amount of the hints you have at the time. When you click the jar it opens and sparkling dots get out of it and circle the place you're supposed to deal with. These are the fireflies. I think the developers of the game must be proud of themselves as they managed to create such a funny thing as every game has a hint system and they rarely differ.


But this is not the only one peculiarity of the hint system. During all the adventure you're supposed to gather posters with your own images. These ones are just for fun! Maybe some tribute to egocentric of a heroine. That's so in a feminine way, isn't it? But the other posters you have to make up out of found pieces is a way to call for the helpers. Do you remember the Merry Men from the original legend? These are the real friends. The ones who may solve your tasks if only their shredded pardons are in order in your hands. So if you need some strength to move something heavy, feel free to call Little John.


Robins Quest Legend Born HintsBesides the posters and different inventory items you can also collect the gold. The gold is not an obligatory item to move through the locations but you still may need it to buy hints, for example. I believe the sign “Area clear” to be the most useful thing that is in the game. After you've collected everything you could in the location – the sign appears and you know that there is no reason to walk there anymore. It saves not only the time but also the nerves. I've got added evidence.


There is also an optional mini-game that might catch your attention – the archery competitions. If you like shooting it will bring you lot's of fun.


To make a picture complete I'd like to say that the game is really versatile and has many fresh ideas to make you enjoy your time. You may start right now!

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Game Review   2010-09-15


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