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Game Review   2007-06-06


Roller RushRoller Rush - back to 1950s in restaurant management game


Download Roller Rush for Mac


Download Roller Rush for Windows


Roller Rush takes you to the 50-ties of America, turning you into a waitress on roller skates at the drive-in diner. You've got all the style of that time: garish neon signs, showy cars at the parking, retro music in the jukebox and waitresses rolling around with fries, milkshakes and burgers.


Another restaurant management game, that gets you in a rush to serve the customers.


Roller RushRoller Rush is another restaurant management game, developed by ToyBox Games, in which your goal is to serve your customers quickly enough to meet the days goal and keep them happy.


The game takes place at the parking lot. Your task is to park the cars, take orders, bring food, give the bills and take the garbage to the dumpster.


Add crazy speed and impatient customers to it and you've got Roller Rush.


You are to match the cars according to the customers' hair color and their car size with the parking lot.


Roller RushThe game has much more tasks for you to complete comparing to other Diner Dash type games.


Here, you are to serve customers but before that you have to park them.


And the thing is that the customers have hair of different colors.

The parking spots have color hearts on seat sides.


So this is one more way to get more points - try to match the hair color with the color of the hearts on the parking spots.


Apart from that the cars can be of different sizes: 2, 4 and 6 seaters. You can park the cars to the parking spots according to their sizes.


Every parking place has a number showing what size of the car can be parked there. You can park the cars of equal or smaller sizes only.


Knowing your customers will help you to do your job better. You've got here: Teenage Girls, Teenage Boys, Old Men, School Teachers ad Traveling Salesmen.


Roller RushYou've got different customers coming up.


Knowing the peculiarities of each type of customers will be helpful for you when you are in a real rush.


So you have Teenage Girls, Teenage Boys, Old Men, School Teachers and Traveling Salesmen.


They all differ in the degree of their patience. For example, the Teenage Boys are impatient when in line, but patient when parked.


But the Old Men are very patient, what makes them the easiest to serve. You can distinguish them by the color of their cars. The customers' patience level is shown in stars below the cars. If one star left, the customer is about to leave. 


Spend the money you get on the upgrades for you diner to attract more customers.


Roller RushAs you see, the whole game is about getting money. According to your score you get stars after every level.


So your goal is to receive the stars at the end of the level. 


The more stars you get the more upgrades you can buy after every level to make your diner more attractive to the customers.



The upgrades are really numerous - from drinks and treats to different items, like Jukebox, New Oven, or Second Waitress.


If you get Master Score - you get 2 stars, and if you get Perfect Score - 3 stars are waiting for you.


Jukebox is one of the most attractive features of the game, making it one of a kind.


Roller RushOne of the greatest things of the Roller Rush is that the jukebox can pay not only the music that takes you to the 1950s America but your favorite one as well.


Click Default to load the original music or Playlist to load a directory containing your favorite music.


Enjoy the music that rocks you while rushing around the clients. But note that you will also hear your customers rush. 


You can try yourself as a roller waitress in Career and Survival Modes.


Roller RushThe game has two modes to play: Career and Survival.


The Career mode challenges you to keep the job. And there is a calendar that keeps track of your day-by-day progress.


The Survival Mode is more fun if you've already played for some time. It's a total survival rush that tests how long you can last serving never-ending clients.


Roller Rush is a game that will put you on your toes. Attractive graphic, funny music and high speed of the game makes it one the get-to-have-it game.


Download Roller Rush for Mac

Download Roller Rush for Windows

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Game Review   2007-06-06


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Lori  2007-06-24 19:35:45
This game is very addictive, fun and challenging.

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