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Game Review   2007-10-10


Slingo Quest for Mac and WindowsSlingo Quest - Master Your Luck



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Slingo has become an all time favourite game for many people in its time with even some fans to spend 36 hours straight on playing it.


Slingo Quest is a Funkitron's creation for Mac OS to please the audience already familiar and find new fans of this addictive game.



You are to choose or load a corresponding photo for yourself before you start one of the two modes: Quest or Classic.


Slingo Quest for Mac and Windows You start the game by choosing the icon for yourself - girl/boy picture or any digital picture you want. Then you are to start the mode. There are two of them in the game: Quest and Classic. The latter one is kind of an old well-known game with a new presentation. The Quest mode will take you to travel through a number of islands like St. Slingo, Bounce Island, Treasure Island, Triple Trouble. Every island has some special feature characteristic of it. Your task is again to make as many slingos as possible.


You'll have 5x5 or 7x7 grid on your screen. the total number of spins you are allowed to make is 20 but not all of them are free after a while.


Slingo Quest for Mac and Windows In either mode you screen will look the same. There is a card with a 5x5 or 7x7 grid of columns. The squares in the columns contain different numbers. Then there are spherical windows beneath each column where you are going to get the numbers after every spin. You spin either by clicking right mouse button or by clicking on the wheel on the screen. You've got 20 spins in total. In the first levels all the spins are free but as you progress you get only 15 free spins. For the other 5 you either pay with your points or use Free Spins that you can get during the levels. There's a small boy sitting on the wheel to tell what to expect in the level and to ask about the non-free spins.


As you get deeper into the game you are introduced to a large number of power-ups. Use them wisely to make your game a success.


Slingo Quest for Mac and Windows The game is full of the power-ups to help you. The most common power-ups are Jokers. If you get a Joker, you can use it as a wild card to match any number in the column. If you get Super Joker, you can match it to any number in the grid. There are also Gold Coins that add you points and Multipliers that multiply your score. A very good one is Slingo Vision power-up. It highlights all the possible matches for you for the next 5 spins. There are also Frogs you have to collect to get 5000 points. There's a power-down Devil that steals some of your points but you can scare them off by using a special cherub.


The game is both challenging and attractive. It will suit nearly anyone and won't be a disappointment for sure.

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Game Review   2007-10-10


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This is Slingo Quest review. Download this game here.