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Game Review   2011-07-27


Special_Enquiry_Detail__The_Hand_that_FeedsSpecial Enquiry Detail: The Hand that Feeds


Another hidden object game from Floodlight Games is available for the genre fans now. Special Enquiry Detail: The Hand that Feeds has a few really nice touches. The game is polished in its story and graphics and the challenges for the players.





The mystery, involving the death of a philanthropist's teenage daughter, is smart and well written.


Special_Enquiry_Detail__The_Hand_that_FeedsYou follow two detectives, newly assigned to the SED, as they investigate the death of young Carmody Phelps. Nobody in her life, it seems, is above suspicion; her parents, her ex-boyfriend, even her best friend from school all seem to be hiding something.


You'll swap between detectives as they follow leads, and also process evidence as the forensic technician.  Apart from figuring out clues like Carmody's diary and bullets, you'll have to interview witnesses and suspects; make sure you pay attention to what they say, because you'll need that information to solve puzzles later in the game.The object searching comes into play during the detectives' investigations. They'll comb scenes not only for vital clues – which are thankfully referred to only as "Clue" in your item list – but also other random objects.


Special_Enquiry_Detail__The_Hand_that_FeedsThe locations are beautifully and realistically drawn, but there is a mild amount of repetition in the collections of things you need to locate. You're constantly being asked to track down gloves (both alone and in pairs) and flashlights. It doesn't happen enough to diminish the fun of the hunts, but it is a minor irritation.


A few puzzles are mixed in with the object searches, and they vary from the simple (finding a keyboard and mouse so that you can use your computer) to the more complex (assembling a ring puzzle to unlock a safe). They're all skippable after a waiting period, but none of them are too difficult or obnoxious, so you'll probably want to work through them all.


The gameplay of Special Enquiry Detail is top notch, but what really sets it apart is its well-crafted story, which would be right at home in any crime show.

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Game Review   2011-07-27


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