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Game Review   2011-05-17


Stray Souls: Dollhouse Story Collector's Edition

From the first minutes of this game you hear a very spooky music that alerts you and gets you into an anxious mood. These sounds create a chilling atmosphere all the game through. It becomes clear at once – something terrifying is going to happen here. Having started playing you are getting involved  into all mysteries of this rather unpleasant story, which comprises terrible secrets, suspicions, crimes, disappearances and even a murder.  With Stray Souls: Dollhouse Story Collector's Edition created by Alawar Friday's Games you will be taken to unknown, mysterious, world where everything is not so easy and understandable as it may seem.



The hidden object areas and puzzles are all round the gameplay. Having found things on each scene you have an item which can be used in solving another problem elsewhere in the environment.


You meet a happy couple - Samuel and Daniell Hunt in their house. One terrible night somebody knocks the door. When Samuel opens it he notices a box on the porch. And  all of a sudden he disappears in a dark behind the closed door. And now your turn to act and help this desperate woman  find and save her husband. Playing as a Daniell  you travel to a small town where Daniell's  beloved spouse grew up. During this frightening wayfaring you will be able to uncover his dark and secret past.


First of all you are offered to select a difficulty level (casual or expert) and then to search the room and the basement in order to find the tool you need. The hidden object areas and puzzles are all round the gameplay.


Having found things on each scene you have an item which can be used in solving another problem elsewhere in the environment. You have more than one task that need to be completed  in front of you. Be able to figure out how to solve the next questions and the order of doing depends on you. But unlocking new areas is possible after passing through the linear storyline.


At the hidden object scenes you can see the whole list of the objects. Us usual, there are a lot of them, but it won't take you long to find everything - objects are clear and in normal size. At list, a hint button may come in handy in each location. For expert players, the hint recharge slows down and  twinkling stars that show you where these scenes are in the room are removed.


Unexpected appearance of a rag-doll from the box may scare you, but it occurs to become your new  friend, that will lead you through your trip and help you much with the information about your husband's past.


There is one more feature of this game. Besides rambling back and forth and hunting for clues you are to collect  dolls  around the  different locations. The more dolls you pick up the more facts concerning Samuel the rag-doll reveal you.


The graphics of Stray Souls: Dollhouse Story Collector's Edition are wonderful. It is so detailed and helps  you in many tasks. Game is worth playing and buying.


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Game Review   2011-05-17


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Butterfly  2011-08-08 15:11:30
Hey, that post leaves me feenlig foolish. Kudos to you!

Alara  2012-03-03 03:04:28
KrazyFace / I usualy only pre-order games that I've been tanwiig on for ages, whether they have extra content or not. If there's an added bonus for pre-ordering The Last Guardian for example then woop-de-doo , I'll look forward to it but in all honesty it's just one of those games I can't wait for. Most of the time though I'll wait for a game to come down in price till it's under a315, but this is due to my playing habits rather than any kind of issue I have with the industry's price expectations. Your article raises an importiant point for what all this DLC means for the industy's future though, and I do think they (the industry) have every right to claw back some of that money they spend making their games. I'm just not easily swayed by their offerings is all.

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This is Stray Souls: Dollhouse Story CE for Mac review. Download this game here.