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Game Review   2007-09-26


SweetopiaSweetopia - Calorie Free Arcade Treat


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Sweetopia, developed by PlayFirst and published by Pi Eye Games for Mac OS, is a highly-polished arcade puzzler and the right thing to indulge your sweet tooth.


This arcade based on the color-matching principle e gets you to the world of sweets of all kinds.



You are to help the granddaughter of the candy factory owner to clear the factory from the Sherbet Sizzers before the reopening. 


SweetopiaThe story of the game gets you to the candy factory called Sweetopia that is about to be re-opened in the near future.


But the graddaughter's unwise actions led to mixing of some ingredients that created disco ball-like sweets known as Sherbet Sizzers that can blow the whole factory off right before its re-opening.


The owner's granddaughter is to clear the factory from the Sherbet Sizzers. The mission is to do that before the re-opening.


Your task is to pop all the sweets and not let the Sherbet Sizzers on the ends of the lines to touch.


SweetopiaYou are introduced with the map of all the premises of the factory before each level.


The only task for each level is to pop the sweets by matching three or more sweets of the same color.


As a rule, there are at least 2 lines of sweets going towards each other.


So, try to pop all the sweets and prevent the Sherbet Sizzers on the lines' ends from colliding.



There are many power-ups and different types of sweets. Several launchers and a ricochet effect are for your service to deal with the sweets.


SweetopiaThere are 10 different types of sweets.


The lines of sweets can contain the ones that can double or triple the points you get for popping them.


There are also sweets that can set the lines in reverse order that will match and pop any sweet you shoot.


There are also levels with two launchers, which is very helpful.


After the first couple of levels you are able to apply the ricochet effect to shoot the sweets. Advanced players have a great opportunity to master the ways of using it for their success.  


You can save the factory in the Story Mode or pop the sweets just for fun in the Arcade Mode.


SweetopiaThe whole save-the-factory thing is present only in the Story Mode.


There is also the Arcade Mode that provides you with a great opportunity to have fun going through more than 70 levels with sweets to pop.


You are free to choose from easy, normal or hard to play levels of difficulty in the Arcade Mode.


The whole idea of the candy factory makes the game attractive and automatically reminds the fantastic Willy Wonka story.  


Sweetopia with all its cute graphics, funny sounds, challenging levels and captivating story is a calorie free arcade treat for everyone.

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Game Review   2007-09-26


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Esther  2011-12-25 19:15:30
You're the one with the brains here. I'm wathcnig for your posts.

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