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Game Review   2007-03-01


Learning Toy Industry ABCTeddy Factory - Learning Toy Industry ABC


Download Teddy Factory for Mac here


Sally runs a local orphanage. She knows how much orphans rejoice getting a teddy bear as a present. To make children happy, she decides to take a job at the toy factory to make teddy bears for bereaved kids.


The point of Teddy Factory game is to assemble bears by joining body parts of the same color. 


Assemble bears by joining 6 body partsAs one starts the game, he/she is challenged to pick up bears' body parts moving on the conveyor belt and to join them in order to make a toy.


Game mechanics is as easy as a piece of cake: click on a part to pick it up and to join it with another part. The toy is ready when 6 parts of the same color are assembled.


Sometimes necessary parts aren't present on the assembling line.


Not to waste your time, you can assemble several bears simultaneously.


Ready toy is taken by mechanical claws and given to a child waiting for a bear. Unwanted toys are dropped into a box and sent to a shop. To finish the level, one is to complete a goal by serving a definite number of children. When the bear parts get to the end of conveyor, an alarm sounds.  Put these bear parts together quickly or the game will be lost.


The toys are awaited by children. As in all games of micromanagement type, young clients should be served as quickly as possible, otherwise they may get upset and leave.


Young clients should be served as quickly as possibleMind the indicator of a child's happiness over his/her hand. He who manages to please all children has all chances to be promoted in his toy-maker career. Besides, serving kids and boxing unwanted toys will score you points.


Occasionally one will have a chance to make a Bonus Trophy Bear ( such as an Elvis Bear or Cowboy Bear).


The player is challenged to collect a definite number of Bonus Bears for a Trophy Room


From time to time the player will come across a handful of useful power-ups.


Power-ups can stop the assembling line or make it move backwardsPower-ups come in handy in toy production: some of them slow down the conveyer belt, others make it move backwards.


There are also rainbow bear parts that can be used instead of any other body part or a question mark that turns into a body part you need; a magnet will pull together a nearby body parts for you.


Some power-ups consist of two pieces that must be snapped together, others are a single object on the conveyer line.


Teddy Factory has a very consecutive (i.e. getting increasingly difficult and fast) and totally addictive gameplay. Compared to Diner Dash or, say, Belle's Beauty Boutique, Teddy Factory challenges the player with only one task - to assemble bear toys. Still, the action takes sky-rocketing speed in Teddy Factory and that's why the game hooks. It features two playing modes - Quest mode (where one is to practice at toy making going through 45 levels and working at different plants) and Survival mode (which skips the story and takes place only at one factory). The graphics is beautiful, the music is funny and the idea itself ( making teddy bears for orphans) is fresh and noble.


Download Teddy Factory for Mac here

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Game Review   2007-03-01


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Hank  2011-10-24 13:31:23
What's it take to becmoe a sublime expounder of prose like yourself?

basant  2012-04-03 09:44:38
awwh, thank you very much (blushes) He's in reaaaaaally bad shape now but still have that teddy bear. Lottsa love and hugs being sent to Olli and mummy xo

FIESTAS  2012-04-06 23:52:09
Hahaha! So when you posted your pruicte on Facebook of the lion earrings, I TOTALLY thought they were lion plaques!! Hence, why I asked if you were planning on painting them! haha!!!!!! Now that I know they are earrings I think they are even more awesome!! Although, thinking that they were round plaques, I thought they were cool, and would look great amongst a gallery wall. Had to share my chuckle!! =) Also, are you willing to share the name of your favorite charity thrift store? I'm compiling a list of places to hit up when I visit So. Cal. And you can email me since I live out of State now, and will only be visiting it once a year if even that!! Eh? Eh? Cherry on top?? =)

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